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Could The Exo Stranger Be Back In ‘Destiny 2’?

One of the admittedly few highlights of the vanilla Destiny campaign was the enigmatic Exo Stranger. No one knew who she truly was, where she was from or why she was […]

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Marshadow Has Stepped Into The Ring: New Information On The Elusive Pokemon

Pokemon fans have known about the existence of Marshadow pretty much since the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon but we never knew when the mythical Pokemon was going to appear. […]

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‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ DLC, The Frozen Wilds Unveiled

Playstation has had some heavy hitting exclusives over the last couple of years and Horizon Zero Dawn was no exception. Stepping into the shoes of Aloy, an orphan born into exile, […]

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‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Has Two New Upcoming Expansions

Now, while I have never played the Elder Scrolls Online, I have always been intrigued by it, and after Bethesda’s E3 conference I may have been pushed over the edge. Elder Scrolls […]

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Details Emerge About Gorgeous New IP From Bioware: ‘Anthem’

Yesterday at the EA Conference, we got the first look at the teaser trailer for Bioware’s upcoming shared-world RPG, Anthem. It is rumoured to be able to rival Destiny and based on […]

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Building The Foundation Of The Order With ‘Assassins Creed Origins’

Assassins Creed Origins was officially unveiled at the Microsoft E3 Conference, both with a new world premiere trailer, as well as a shortened version of one of the missions you […]