Battleborn Character Guide : Caldarius The Vengeance-Filled Shock Trooper


Caldarius, known simply as the Kemessian was a slave of the Jennerit Empire and as was the fate of many of the captives of the warlike nation, he ended up in the Fighting Pits. These Fighting Pits matched slaves of different species and battle skills for the entertainment of the Jennerit. Caldarius was like a god against mortals as he fought his way up from the lowest ranking to the upper echelon until he was battling in the presence of the Empress Lenore herself. He was rivalled by an Ankrosa warrior who stood almost three times his size and all thought Caldarius would surely fail. However, he was a spectacle of grace, described as a “surgeon of combat – an antigen seeking a tumour”. He was the personification of death itself,

He chose that moment while bathed in glory, in front of Empress Lenore and the Jennerit Elite to demand to be entered into the ranks of the Sustained. Sustainment was a Jennerit process that extends the life of the Sustained indefinitely into the future unless they are killed. However despite his achievements and battle prowess, the Jennerit Elite denied his request as the Sustainment process has never been performed on a non-Jennerit species and they had no wish to share their noble blood. Instead they placed him in the 999th Shock Division with the hope that the fighting and constant wars, will drive the thought of Sustainment out of his mind.

Within this division, Caldarius was provided with a set of J-HTX Assault Armour which is colloquially known as Shock Armour. It is constructed out of an specialised alloy that is lightweight yet incredibly resilient. The lightweight design of it and the jet thrusters on the back of the combat suit make it incredibly mobile and the alloy is strong enough that it can withstand being dropped from orbit and on top of this the armour can survive in most hostile conditions as well as go for months before needing to recharge. The Assault Armour is highly customisable with the inside being found to be changed in such a way to suit differing species biological needs. The Assault Troops that utilise this armour are dropped straight into the heat of battle on the front lines, hence the name Shock Trooper. As soon as they land, the Assault Troops, employ a range of weaponry to completely destroy the opposing side from close to medium range. A report was made discussing the J-HTX Assault Armour and how to stop this generally impervious assault tech but it was never finished most likely to a most important Kemessian.

After a century of fighting in the Jennerit Wars against other factions, and becoming involved in battles that did not concern him. Caldarius is tired of not being recognised, when the Jennerit people cheer for him as the 999th Shock Division parade through the streets after a long campaign. The people know that Caldarius is deserving of recognition and reward even if the Elite do not. He wants to be recognised. Caldarius once again demands Sustainment as he rightfully deserves.

Captain Ghalt of the Battleborn, through correspondence with Verod Rath, the Keeper of the Blade of the Jennerit Empire, discovers that Caldarius accomplished more during the Battle of Penarch than entire divisions of UPR soldiers could ever hope to. Ghalt wants to recruit Caldarius to the cause of the Battleborn but he hadn’t been heard of in years. The last thing that anyone had heard of the Kemessian was that his armour was powered down and he was immobile searching for a new power source. Before becoming a worthy member of the Battleborn, Caldarius was thrown in prison for becoming a champion of the people which the Elite did not approve of. Having gained Sustainment, he remained in prison for many years with only his anger and hatred towards the Jennerit Elite and Rendain to occupy his time. He was broken out of prison by the former Jennerit Spy-mistress, Deande and provided his armour. He then used his Assault Frame to escape Tempest and was found by the Battleborn on Bliss looking to recharge his battle frame.

Weapon of Choice

Caldarius utilises a small, fast firing bolt pistol known as a TMP or Tactical Machine Pistol that is ideal from medium range and holds 20 rounds in the magazine initially but can be boosted with the Microfusion Cell Perk to hold 28 rounds. The TMP reloads quickly so there is only a small amount of time that you are not firing.  He also devastates his enemies in the up close and personal fashion with an arm mounted Energy Blade hand crafted by Verod Rath, the Keeper of the Blade.

Ideal Role

Caldarius is a fast moving yet strong member of the Battleborn and he is able to enter engagements quickly with a large arsenal of firepower and then disappear to a safe distance, leaving a path of death in his wake. Caldarius is a heavy skirmisher, able to absorb a fair bit of damage and dish out his fair share as well. However, he is not a tank character and can not take too many hits from higher level enemies as he will be killed. Caldarius has a myriad of weaponry that allows him to thrive in close to mid range engagements. He has the TMP blaster which is ideal for both close and middling ranges but at close range Caldarius utilises an Energy Blade that hits hard and rips through enemies without any difficulty and allows his assault frame to wreak bloody vengeance against the Jennerit forces aimed against him.


Caldarius has a series of abilities that his assault frame exhibits;

Passive/Gravitic Manipulators : Caldarius can activate his thrusters to jump a second time, mid-air, in any direction

Weapon/TMP and Energy Blade : Caldarius’ rapid-fire TMP and wrist-mounted Energy Blade are devastating weapons at closer ranges

Talent/J-HTX Assault Frame : Caldarius’ formidable battle armour can be augmented for high mobility or maximised damaged output

Skill 1/Gravitic Burst : Launches Caldarius forward, dealing 134 damage on impact and pushing enemies back

Skill 2/Flashbang : Fires a grenade that deals 134 damage and blinds enemies for 1 second

Ultimate/Aerial Assault : After a brief charge, Caldarius launches into the air. Activate the skill again to land at a targeted location, dealing 134 damage

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Energy Cascade : Activating Gravitic Burst instantly reloads Caldarius’ TMP

*Blind and Bloodied : Enemies affected by Flashbang suffer bleed damage. +60% damage over 2 seconds

Rank Two

*Exit Strategy : Caldarius launches into the air after striking an enemy with Gravitic Burst

*Zealous Frenzy : Activating Gravitic Burst increases Energy Blade attack speed for a short time. +20% attack speed for 5 seconds

Rank Three

*Afterburner : Increase maximum sprint speed. +9% sprint speed

*Overdrive : Activating any skill increases movement speed for a short time. +30% movement speed for 2 seconds

Rank Four

*Flash Barrage : Flashbang now fires three grenades in rapid succession that each deal 67 damage

*(MUTATION)Cluster Burst : Flashbang fires three grenades simultaneously in a tight spiral patter. +75% damage, -66% area of effect radius

*FlashMIRV : Flashbang spawns three child grenades on impact

Rank Five

*Gravitic Ascent : Increase the height of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump

*(MUTATION)Energy Transfusion : A portion of damage dealt by Caldarius’ Energy Blade is returned as health. +15% Life Steal

*Improved Thrusters : Increases the lateral thrust of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump

Rank Six

*Kinetic Burst : Increases Gravitic Burst’s push back effect

*(MUTATION)Gravitic Anomaly : Gravitic Burst slows enemies on impact. +3 seconds slow duration

*Rapid Dominance : Reduces Flashbang’s cooldown. -20% cooldown time

Rank Seven

*Adaptive Harmonics : Increases damage of Caldarius’ Energy Blade attacks. +18% damage

*Microfusion Cell : Increases TMP’s magazine size. +8 clip size

Rank Eight

*Gravitic Amplifiers : Increases Gravitic Burst’s damage. +15% damage

*Gravitic Stabilisers : Increases Gravitic Burst’s dash distance

Rank Nine

*Phasebang : Flashbang grenades no longer collide with allies

*Rangefinger : Increases Flashbang’s maximum range. +60% range

*Brightblaster : Increases the radius of Flashbang’s area of effect. +33% area of effect radius

Rank Ten

*Tuned Actuation : Aerial Assault now launches instantly. Reduces Aerial Assault’s cooldown. -20% cooldown time

*(MUTATION)Ground Zeroed : When Caldarius strikes the ground with Aerial Assault, nearby enemies are pushed back

*Aerial Barrage : Caldarius drops a fragmentation grenade that deals damage over time on takeoff. +81 damage over 2 seconds

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