Battleborn Character Guide : Marquis The Sociopathic Robot Sniper


Marquis d’Caliber is a member of the Last Light Consortium, a group of rich and proper members of higher society. Marquis was developed as part of a program to build smaller scale, Magnuses (artificial intelligences capable of oversight, management and maintenance of all sorts of operations within the LLC). This program was undertaken by Bartlesby Hemsworth with the goal that these smaller AI’s would be able to undergo more immediate and personal tasks but still maintain the connection to the greatest AI, the Magna Carta, that controls linkages with every other smaller AI and the directives they are assigned. The name given to these robots was collectively ‘Marquis’ and they assisted with personal financial operations, research, maintenance and scheduling as well as home protection and companionship. Marquis has been programmed with the ideals that the Hemsworth family held most dear, that of, wealth, proper financial planning and the ability to function in the upper echelon of society.  Hemsworth also added a final little addendum to his pet projects, that they have a particular proficiency in marksmanship due to his love of hunting.

Marquis d’Caliber was a personal butler to the Hemsworth family and was consistently the companion of the young Phoebe Hemsworth, the gifted engineer of the family. It is seen that he is quite protective of his charge and always looks after her and her interests and in his rather egotistical words, she is “Almost worthy of my discarded fluids”, which is a great compliment compared to his views of the rest of her family. Due to his programming to be integrated into higher society he views anyone of a lower status of even those who cannot achieve certain goals to be destitute and as such are ‘hobos’ that he must remove. His other constant companion is the robotic owl that he designed and built to amuse his young charge and that Phoebe fondly calls Hoodini. Marquis spends most of his unassigned time tinkering and making alterations to his project which is why it has turned into not only a source of amusement but also a deadly addition to his battlefield arsenal. Mellka, an Eldrid Warrior discovered an unmarked Arcship that was reckoned to be an abandoned Minion Robotics Factory that was set up to mass produce the Hoodini line. It appears that Marquis has been quite busy upgrading his little pets with cloaking tech, laser eye beams and molecular replication.

Marquis may be originally programmed to be a butler and a specialised assistant to an upper class family but it is obvious that he is fundamentally changed. This change comes from the sudden and irreversible separation of Marquis and the governing AI, the Magna Carta. It is believed that the Magna Carta was based mostly in the Jennar System and the arrival of Rendain’s forces and the battle that took place there resulted in a lack of connection to the AI. As such, the extra processing that Marquis holds activated a dormant program known as the Hobo Eradication Protocol – otherwise a battle function. Now, more than slightly unhinged he terrorises the forces of the uneducated and financially destitute with the singular desire for profit, and hey, if he removes a few hobos from the world while doing it, then thats just a bonus.

Weapon of Choice

Marquis d’Caliber’s weapon is a modified cane, a distinction of higher society, that has been altered to fit his need to terminate his foes, while avoiding “poor people cooties”. The Bindlebane as he has seen fit to call it, is a gold plated, modified sniper rifle that fits his marksmanship programming. His cane is a symbol of class that befits his high distinction. Bindlebane is a unique weapon, having a smaller calibre pistol and on end and with a flick of his wrist, he can use the alternate end which is a larger calibre rifle, complete with a scope for zoning in on those pesky Liberal Arts majors. It can hold 6 bullets initially and be upgraded with a specialised mutation to hold 8 bullets either in rifle mode or pistol mode.

Ideal Role

Due to Marquis’ long range rifle he is more designed to be a long range class, most likely a sniper picking off enemies from afar with pinpoint precision. He has a fairly large portion of health and a pistol so he can function quite well as a middle range fighter. He is, however not quite as skilled at close range combat, most likely due to his morbid fear of remaining too close to the poor and uneducated.


Marquis has an assortment of abilities he utilise when eradicating Hobos which are;

Passive/Eins, Zwei, Die : Bindlebane shots mark targets. The third shot on the same target adds 50% of attack damage as bonus damage

Weapon/Bindlebane : Marquis’ signature collapsible sniper rifle, fit with a custom hilt pistol for close-range engagement. Heavily augmentable

Talent/Titanium Dandy Mk VI : Marquis’ relatively fragile chassis necessitates careful, strategic engagement with enemy Battleborn

Skill 1/Temporal Distortion : Creates a Temporal Distortion field lasting for 6 seconds, slowing all enemies inside of the warp bubble

Skill 2/Predatory Strike : Deploys an owl that reveals nearby enemies on the map. At close range, owls collide with enemies, dealing 149 damage. Up to 3 owls can be active at once.

Ultimate/Bindleblast : Fires a single, powerful shot dealing 413 damage, and increases its damage the longer the shot is in flight

Perk Choices

Rank One

*The Great(er) Hoodini : Increases Predatory Strike’s damage. +15% Damage.

*(MUTATION) Strigiform Swiftness : Deployed Predatory Strike owls acquire and attack nearby targets faster. -50% activation delay.

*Waste Makes Haste : In addition to slowing enemies. Temporal Distortion now hastens allies. +30 movement speed for 4 seconds.

Rank Two

*Phaseflyer : Predatory Strike owls no longer collide with the world, guaranteeing a hit on a target when activated

*(MUTATION) Eyes Everywhere : Predatory Strike owls automatically reveal nearby targets

*Hoodunnit : Predatory Strike owls on the battlefield are cloaked

Rank Three

*Ocular Enhancements : Fits Bindlebane with a variable-zoom scope. +50 zoom range.

*(MUTATION) Bullet Banker : Increases Bindlebane’s magazine size. +2 clip size.

*Executive Barrel-Porting : Reduces Bindlebane’s recoil

Rank Four

*Time Killer : All enemies inside a Temporal Distortion Bubble take damage over time. +41 damage per second.

*Big Time : Enlarges Temporal Distortion’s area of effect. +25% area of effect radius.

Rank Five

*Efficiency Expert : Eins, Zwei, Die’s bonus damage is triggered on the second consecutive hit of a marked target, rather than the third.

*(MUTATION) Executive Access : Eins, Zwei, Die’s bonus damage penetrates shields. +100 shield penetration.

*Eins, Zwei, Cry : Increases Eins, Zwei, Die’s bonus damage. +25% bonus damage.

Rank Six

*Long Haul Hoodini : Increases Predatory Strike’s casting range. +30% cast distance.

*(MUTATION) Parliamentary, My Dear : Increases the maximum number of Predatory Strike owls that can be active on the battlefield at once. +2 active owls.

*Distant Time : Increases Temporal Distortion’s casting range. +30% cast distance.

Rank Seven

*Autoloader : Increases Bindlebane’s reload and attack speed. +25% reload and attack speed.

*Band For the Buck : Increases Bindlebane’s base damage. +18% damage.

Rank Eight

*Windfall : Upon detonation. Predatory Strike owls leave behind areas of effect that deal damage over time. +720 damage over 6 seconds.

*Hoot Of The Vigilant : Predatory Strike owls behave like sentries and can fire on nearby enemies twice before detonation.

Rank Nine

*Time to Spare : Increases the duration of Temporal Distortion’s warp bubble. +2 seconds duration.

*Cease And Desist : Intensifies the slowing effect of Temporal Distortion, further reducing enemy movement speed. +30% slow.

Rank Ten

*Bindleblast(s) : After charging, Bindleblast fires two shots with slightly reduced damage. +1 shot, -33% damage per shot.

*Wallhax.Exe : Bindleblast’s shots can now pierce world terrain to strike targets. Enemy Battleborn are revealed in the scope.

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