Battleborn Character Guide : Orendi The Chaos Witch


Orendi. The Chaos Witch. Arch-poombah of the Grand Federation of Captain Reyna’s Amazing Rogues of the Detritus Ring. Orendi is a native to the Etran system, which was darkened due to Rendain and his traitorous alliance with the Varelsi. She is a Varimorph and a member of the Rogue faction which is basically the powerful faction of the rejects to the other factions. Before the Darkening of her home star, an evacuation was staged during a joint evacuation between the Last Light Consortium (LLC) and the Eldrid, upon which many Varimorph’s were gathered safely on Arcship Wallywig. This particular species has a peculiar yet awesome adaptation – they are able to intentionally although slowly change their physiology to suit their needs or their wants. They were seen to be quite technologically bereft but the ability to adapt biologically to any situation allows them to survive without much material innovation. However common traits were noticed between the Varimorphs and they were; black and white splotches all over the skin, wiry dark hair and an utter lack of respect for any semblance of order or authority.

She is a notorious figure within the LLC due to her complete disregard for any type of property owned by the faction and has racked up quite a criminal record – Theft1, Theft2, Theft3-Ship, Theft7-Hijacking, vandalism, murder, slander, impersonation1-5, forgery and unsanitary handling of biological waste to name but a few. Orendi’s most famous carnage causing exploit was the apparent theft of the Trade Frigate Bizymandias which was unexpectedly unattached from the Arcship Noctoo and began to made a rapid escape for the Detritus Ring with a large expenditure of firepower. Suspicions that Orendi was behind the theft were confirmed when a picture of a large stylised human eyeball was found with the tagline – Orendi wz heer next to it. This very combination of symbols had come to be associated with a series of violent and brutal acts of vandalism aboard the Arcship Noctoo over its last several months of travel. While the projected losses due to the disappearance of this ship are high it is recommended that no expeditions into retrieving it be made due to the higher projected losses if Orendi the Varimorph remains upon the Noctoo.

Orendi, a capable warrior and Chaos bringer in her own right has a rather signature three pointed hat that has been associated with witches in the past. It may have something to do with her channeling ability due to a poem she wrote while aboard the Nova, which references her hat as, ‘shadow flinger, chaos bringer’. Now this could be a reference to her abilities in general or if my hunch is correct could be a reference to the very fact that her hat is linked in with her Shadow abilities.

Orendi the Chaos Witch is a certifiably psychotic member of the Varimorphs and perhaps the most important thing about her is that she absolutely adores Toby and wants his autograph. But who wouldn’t? He is a penguin in a battle mech.

Weapon of Choice

Orendi the Chaos Witch utilises an adapted biological form of A1 Minion Lasers which she shoots out of her four hands. She fires them in rapid bursts, one at a time or when wishing to deal a lot of damage to a singular target rapidly she can fire all four at once. These Chaos Bolts are a combination of shadow and fire that she consumes her enemies in all while cackling nerfariously and screaming ‘CHAOS MAGIC’ at the top of her lungs. Being as her main attack is fired from her hands, Orendi never has to reload and can easily run in, deal some damage and spring away from danger all the while ready to begin firing once again.

Ideal Role

Orendi is an extremely fast yet devastating member of the rogues. She is able to quite easily enter engagements with the enemy create havoc and then retreat when she begins to get overwhelmed. She is more of a light skirmisher Battleborn and is suited best for med to close range. However take caution and utilise her high evasiveness when battling minions due to her lack of large portions of health. Her Chaos Bolts will not reach her targets at the longer ranges so it is not an ideal Battleborn to play if you wish to pick off enemies from a distance. However if you want a rapid moving, dissension sowing, maniac who screams about wanting peoples necks at close range then Orendi is for you.


Orendi’s abilities consist of;

Passive/Gnosis : Activating Nullify lowers the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar by 8 seconds

Weapon/Chaos Bolts : Orendi’s primary attack launches a rapid-fire volley of Chaos Bolts. Her slower secondary attack fires four Chaos Bolts simultaneously

Talent/Chaos Magic : Orendi’s abilities can be augmented to increase damage, add status effects, or drastically reduce cooldown timers

Skill 1/Nullify : Unleashes a burst of energy that deals 67 damage and propels Orendi backwards from the blast

Skill 2/Shadowfire Pillar : After 1.5 seconds, summons a mighty pillar of shadow and flame at a target location, dealing 300 damage

Ultimate/Paradigm Shift : Conjures an intense blast of energy directly in front of Orendi, dealing 500 damage to enemies caught in the blast

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Fire Walk With Me : +40 damage over 5 seconds

*Burned and Busted : Shadowfire Pillar reveals all cloaked enemies in the area

Rank Two

*Dismissed! : Adds a push effect to Nullify

*I Hate Your Pretty Eyes : Enemies hit by Nullify are blinded for a short time. +1 second Blind duration

Rank Three

*Lets Bounce : Nullify’s propulsive effect launches Orendi in the direction she’s moving

*(MUTATION) Mind Bullets : Chaos Bolts’ secondary burst attack homes in on enemies in close range

*Oh That Reminds Me : Activating Nullify prompts Orendi’s shields to immediately being recharging

Rank Four

*Preamble of Pain : Shadowfire Pillar deals damage over time to nearby enemies before detonation. +180 damage over 1.5 seconds

*(MUTATION) Instant Gratification : Shadowfire Pillar instantly detonates, but deals reduced damage. -50% damage

*Encore : For 5 seconds after using Shadowfire Pillar, Orendi may cast a second Shadowfire Pillar dealing half as much damage

Rank Five

*Prognostication : Increases Gnosis’ cooldown reduction effect. -4 seconds cooldown time

*(MUTATION) Renaissance : Gnosis reduces the cooldown of Paradigm shift . -5 seconds cooldown time

*Prognosticombo : Activating Shadowfire Pillar reduces Nullify’s cooldown. This effect does not apply to the second activation provided by the Encore augment. -5 seconds cooldown time

Rank Six

*Nihilism : Increases Nullify’s base damage. +15% damage

*Shadowfury : Increases Shadowfire Pillar’s base damage. +15% damage

Rank Seven

*Force of Will : Increases the damage of all skills. +15% damage

*Essence Theft : All skills heal Orendi for a portion of the damage dealt. +15% lifesteal

Rank Eight

*Rapid Deterioration : Decrease Nullify’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time

*I Hate Your Pretty Shields : Nullify’s damage penetrates enemy shields. +60% shield penetration

Rank Nine

*Shadowfire Storm : Decrease Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown time. -20% cooldown time

*(MUTATION)Chaotic Reach : Increases Shadowfire Pillar’s maximum cast distance. +25% cast distance

*Still Hating Your Shields : A portion of damage dealt by Shadowfire Pillar penetrates enemy shields. +60% shield penetration

Rank Ten

*Thought Rejection : Enemies hit by Paradigm Shift are pushed back and blinded

*(MUTATION)Pillarstorm : Activating Paradigm Shift places a Shadowfire Pillar under each nearby enemy Battleborn in range

*Reign of Chaos : Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown

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