Destiny Subclass Guide : Bladedancer

The Bladedancer is the embodiment of a storm given form through the glowing, lightning infused knife that always accompanies the blinding speed of this arc wielder. This subclass is for those Guardians who prefer to be up close, looking into the eyes of your enemies as the lightning envelops and devours them.


 The first thing to consider when running your Bladedancer is your grenade of which there are three types;

Flux Grenade
An explosive grenade that deals additional damage when attached to enemies. This grenade rewards a skilled hand and pinpoint aim with a significant increase in damage that will put most enemies of your Light, in the ground. However on top of this, the Flux Grenade has a powerful initial explosion that will deal impressive damage even without being attached to someone. For this grenade it can be ideal for both PVP and PVE but will have more of an effect in a PVP capacity as it can guarantee a kill if attached to an enemy guardian and can still act as a normal frag-like grenade.

Skip Grenade
A grenade which splits on impact, creating multiple projectiles that seek out enemies. This grenade is the perfect grenade for a PVP arena as like the Gunslinger Tripmine grenade, it can remain on the field of play for a little while and if an enemy moves within its radius, the drones become active once again and will seek out your opponents. However a drawback to this grenade is that it does not have an initial explosion on impact so that can take something away from its potential damage. In PVE its damage output can be quite low as it will not be able to eliminate large numbers of enemies with a single grenade like the other Bladedancer grenades.

Arcbolt Grenade
A grenade that chains bolts of lightning to nearby enemies. This grenade was made for the PVE environments due to having more scenarios where bunches of adds are located close together. With the function of this grenade, the bolts of lightning can rip through groups of the agents of the Darkness and kill several enemies with a single grenade. This can be extremely useful if you aren’t sure of the exact location of your target as the grenade automatically seeks out the enemy with a straight bolt of lightning if they are close enough. The Arcbolt Grenade can be used in Crucible but the damage from the bolts of arc energy can in most cases not be enough to kill a Guardian with full health but can be utilised to take out fleeing enemies that have already been damaged.


The melee for the slashing Bladedancer, is known as Blink Strike which is a powerful melee attack that has extended range. Due to it having extended range it also sometimes acts as a short distance teleport towards your target. The Bladedancer melee is perfect for bridging that final gap between a fleeing or even rushing enemy and due to it having a short distance teleport can even seem like you have disappeared from the very fabric of reality. Blink Strike is an incredibly powerful melee that deals quite a large amount of damage that can eliminate your foes. However due to it being a knife based melee, take care where you aim your attack, due to it not having an auto-target feature. On top of this if possible, aim for the head as it will deal the most damage and allow you to continue on with your throat slashing rampage. The way your knife pierces its targets can be altered by three main perks;

-Backstab : Hitting an enemy from behind with Blink Strike deals significantly more damage

-Escape Artist : Hitting an enemy with Blink Strike grants brief invisibility

-Fast Twitch : Reduces the cooldown of Blink Strike


The Hunter moves throughout the world with a pinpoint precision by bending they very realities under their feet and making them submit. A Bladedancer uses a double jump or even a short distance teleport, to traverse the terraformed environments with the speed of an arc whirlwind. This double jump allows for absolute precision to get to exactly where you require yourself to be. On top of this having an additional jump, allows for rapid corrections in direction to avoid hazards or an untimely end. The Blink ability provides a more evasive tact rather than a precise movement ability, which can be useful in intense firefights. On top of this The Bladedancer has three main modifiers that affect their jumping ability which are;

-Better Control : Upgrades Double Jump for better directional control while in the air

-Higher Jump : Upgrades Double Jump for even greater height

-Blink : A short distance teleport that replaces Double Jump


The stealthy and deadly Bladedancer utilises the Super known as Arc Blade, upon which your Guardians entire body is supercharged with arc energy and is channelled through a long blade that allows for the lightning to be discharged in such a fashion so that no one, Darkness or opposing Guardian, can stand against you. Arc Blade is a rapid, hacking and slashing Super that is both intimidating and impressive when viewed from afar but deadly when being utilised against you. The Arc Blade can be a powerful ability within the Crucible able to eliminate shielded Guardians within one or occasionally two slashes, depending on their shield. On top of this it can be difficult to eliminate a charging Bladedancer due to the jerking rapid movement of the Super coupled with the increased movement speed of the Bladedancer who is taken over by this galvanism. The arc assassin can have their powerful strikes overcharged by three main perks;

Showstopper : Press R2/RT during Arc Blade to damage nearby enemies in a 360 degree radius from the player. This perk has PVE scrawled all over it, and can be exceedingly useful when getting swarmed by lower level enemies as it has the potential to eliminate them all in a burst of charged power. It can also be used to damage enemies hiding behind thin cover or even damage those Cabal Phalanxes as they cower behind their portable shields. Showstopper can be used in PVP but oftentimes it is more prudent just to slash your opponent or opponents and move on with your rampage. Consequently, large groups of enemy Guardians typically do not congregate in the same immediate area, generally which means having this perk active is a waste in the Crucible.

Razors Edge : Press R2/RT during Arc Blade to release a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground in a straight path in front of the player. This is one of the more favoured alternate perks for the Arc Blade as it turns a typically up close and personal Super into one that can be utilised from afar. The Razors Edge can be utilised in PVE with great success against both low level enemies and even the Ultras you will inevitably encounter. Using this perk with your Arc Blade will allow you to get the full damage of your Super without stepping within their melee range that in a lot of case will kill you outright. In a PVP setting this version of Arc Blade can work wonders with challenging enemies within longer areas that have clear lines of sight as you run down it. The sight of a trail of lightning rushing towards them can be enough to clear them out as you rush in to get close. It can be used also to garner kills for you and your team from a middling distance as the line of energy sent out from your blade deals the same measure of damage and force as does a direct hit with Arc Blade.

Vanish : Press R2/RT during Arc Blade to disappear from sight for the duration of the Arc Blade Super or until an attack is made. Vanish turns your hacking and slashing maniac of a Guardian into a silent and deadly assassin that can get close without being detected and unleash mayhem. This perk can be utilised in both PVE and PVP with great success. Vanish can allow you to get up close to those tricky to kill enemies and remove their essence from this plane of existence. It can also serve a purpose as a saving grace in fireteam activities as if you are on an Arc Blade rampage and your team falls, the invisibility ability can be utilised to sneak past your enemies to revive them. In a PVP capacity the option to become invisible can provide your Guardian with a great edge to rush in with your close range Super without being shot from afar or detected. This gives you the optimal time and opportunity to unleash hell. However the invisibility is not a true invisibility. You can still be seen to Guardians who are paying attention as the invisible Guardian appears to be hazy and has the same effect as water in the Sun. Regardless this perk definitely makes your Bladedancer harder to defeat.

The Perks of Being a Bladedancer

There are several alternative perks that change how your Bladedancer rushes through and cuts down your foes. They are divided into ability and physical and they are;


-Path Forgotten : Training focused on toughness and speed

-Path Forbidden : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Path Unknown : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Way of the Drifter : Training focused on all attributes

-Way of the Fearless : Training focused on toughness at all costs

-Way of the Nomad : Training focused on maximum battle recovery


-Fleet Footed : Increases maximum sprint speed and extends slide distance

-Quick Draw : Weapons are ready immediately

-Shadowjack : Increases the duration of invisibility effects

-Encore : Killing an enemy with Arc Blade extends its duration

-Stalker : Gain invisibility after crouching in place for a short time

-Hungering Blade : Kills with Arc Blade and Blink Strike immediately regenerate health

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