Destiny Subclass Guide : Striker

The Striker Titan is the front line of defence and attack. It can push through waves of enemies and with a single powerful motion, send them screaming into the life beyond with the power of sheer localised lightning. The Striker takes its fear and its pain and its urge to protect and unleashes it outward in a devastating explosion of power.


One of the main things to consider is your grenade of which their are three basic types;

Flashbang Grenade
This grenade has a dual function that any skilled Guardian as well as rookie ones can take advantage of. While having a wonderful amount of damage on the main explosion, any enemies that do take damage from its blast are disoriented for a short time. It comes about in a bright flash of white light that make it almost impossible to counterattack for a short time. This grenade is quite useful in PVP as it can make a lone Guardian and entire groups of close knit Guardians helpless while you pick them off quickly. You might score kills with this grenade but it has a greater effectiveness if you are following your targets after the initial explosion and finishing them off.

Pulse Grenade
This grenade, like the name suggests emits a pulse of localised arc power that periodically damages enemies inside its explosive radius. This grenade can be of a great utility in PVP and PVE but it would definitely see more kills against AI enemies rather than player controlled Guardians. This is because it is quite easy to avoid and does not deal a huge amount of damage in a short time. However you still can get kills in the Crucible with it against Guardians who are not paying attention or those who have already taken damage from another source. The Pulse Grenade is more of a PVE addition due to its ability to easily clear out adds in a short space of time. It is, essentially a set and forget grenade.

Lightning Grenade
The Lightning Grenade can stick to any surface, whether it be floor, ceiling or wall and periodically emit a focused blast of lightning away from the surface it has attached to. This grenade is devastating in both PVP and PVE. It requires specific placement in order to get kills but use this grenade correctly and those kills will flood in. As soon as it sticks to a given surface it emits its first bolt of lightning and with a short time between bursts it can take out most Guardians within two to three pulses depending on their health. It can be utilised to shut down locations such as hallways and doorways due to the devastating output. However, be warned, if you place one of these grenades too close to you, the initial blast of the Lightning Grenade can take you victim, much like the Tripmine Hunter grenade. A drawback to these grenades is that they can be destroyed by shooting the main body of the grenade, that emits the bolts of Lightning.


The melee for the ironfisted Striker is called Storm Fist which is a devastating attack that deals bonus arc damage. Obviously for this to work, your melee ability has to be charged but once it is, it is resplendent in its power. The Storm Fist behaves like all the charged arc energy within your Guardian is released in a single, well placed burst that is strong enough to disintegrate an enemy with almost full health and shields which makes it extremely powerful. There are three perks that alter its charge strength and they are;

-Overload : Hits with Storm Fist have a chance to immediately reset its cooldown

-Discharge : Hits with Storm Fist deal area of effect damage around its target

-Amplify : Kills with Storm Fist significantly reduce the cooldown of Fist of Havoc


The particular style of motion unique to the Titan class is an almost aggressive lift technique that elevates their entire bodies in a singular motion. If activated from a standstill it will carry you straight up higher than any of the other classes of Guardian can reach. If you are moving either forward or backward it will push you forward into the fray like the juggernaut of the Light you are. Lift brings forth the power and strength that infuses within a Titan and pushes it outward. However this can be a clunky movement style but can still allow for pinpoint landings with an experienced hand. But a word of caution, unlike the Warlock and Hunter whose particular movement style can stop a fall instantly, the Titan Lift requires a little extra time to come to a standstill. In this regard, you will want to allow for a greater distance between the ground and you when trying to slow down. There are three perks that alter the way your Striker powers through the environment and they are;

-Increased Height : Upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights

-Increased Control : Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air

-Catapult : Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum


The Super for the offensive juggernaut called a Striker is known as Fist of Havoc. This is a deadly close range ground pound that sends out a devastating wave of arc energy in a circle around your Titan. The force of this attack is so destructive that almost nothing can stand against the uninhibited power of a Striker but there are perks that can alter the way your enemies will dissolve and they are;

Aftermath : Fist of Havoc leaves a damage dealing field in its wake. This perk allows your Fist of Havoc to deal ever more damage even after the initial ground pound. It serves a great purpose as it can finish off any enemies that are not eliminated by the Fist of Havoc itself and stopping your Titan from being pursued as the pulses Aftermath delivers, deal a large amount of damage, making opposing enemies quite easy targets.

Death From Above : After jumping, Fist of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below. This perk is a fun one in both PVE and PVP as it can turn your close range ground pound into a long range Superman dive. Death From Above can expose any enemies around the map and make them easier targets for your Super. However you must use caution because Death From Above is only as effective as the height you can manage before activating your Super so if you are a metre or so off the ground you may not have as many options for targets.

Shockwave : Fist of Havoc unleashes a devastating wave of energy which travels along the ground. Shockwave is an additional attack to the initial circular Fist of Havoc which spreads damage in a relatively narrow field in a straight line in the direct you launched forward with your Super. Imagine a wave of crackling arc energy that fires forward towards any potential enemies. It can be useful for getting an extra kill or two or even dealing enough damage to allow your Guardian to regroup.

The Perks of Being a Striker

There are a selection of miscellaneous perks that affect the way your Striker Titan charges into battle and eliminates the enemies of the City. There are an assortment that affect your abilities as well as your physical attributes and they are;


-Titan Codex I : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Titan Codex II : Training focused on speed and toughness

-Titan Codex III : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Titan Codex IV : Training focused on all attributes

-Titan Codex V : Training focused on maximum battle recovery

-Titan Codex VI : Training focused on raw speed


Headstrong : Sprinting increases the leap distance of Fist of Havoc

Aftershocks : Increases the duration of the Pulse Grenade, Lightning Grenade and Aftermath

Transfusion : Kills with Storm Fist or Shoulder Charge immediately trigger health regeneration

Unstoppable : You are harder to kill while using Fist of Havoc

Shoulder Charge : After sprinting for a short time, unleash a devastating melee attack

Juggernaut : After sprinting for a short time, gain a protective shield

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