Destiny Subclass Guide : Sunsinger


The Sunsinger is a burning phoenix risen from the grave that will burn away every opposition you face. It can be utilised as a saving grace with the Fireborn perk that brings you back to life if you are killed or as a weapon of destruction charging into the fray…while on fire. Its primary focus is ability cooldowns that allow it to toss out grenades like lollies on Halloween. It is an underrated subclass and can be utilised as both a support class or an offensive one. 


The first thing to consider is the grenade of which you have three basic types:

Solar Grenade
A grenade that creates a flare of solar light which continually damages enemies trapped inside. This grenade creates a spherical ball of solar light that damages enemies that are even nearby to its radius. This grenade is quite effective at closing off areas, as solar grenades are some of the most deadly types of grenades that exist. Coupled with the Sunsingers ability to have reduced cooldowns, the field can be littered with these grenades which creates a veritable minefield for enemy guardians as well as PVE adds. 

Firebolt Grenade
A grenade that unleashes bolts of fire upon your enemies. This grenade, much like the arcbolt grenade requires a direct line of sight to an enemy in order for it to do damage but if it hits it does a large amount of damage and the fact that it branches out and attacks enemies means you can pick of stragglers or those enemies trying to make a desperate getaway. 

Fusion Grenade
A grenade that causes bonus damage when attached to its target. The fusion grenade rewards a skilled hand and true aim as it deals a significant portion of extra damage when attached to its enemy. It is still a formidable grenade when it isn’t attached to an add but if you choose this grenade over the other two, it is a waste not to utilise the extra damage. Think about this grenade as having a cone spread of damage, if you attach it to a target the most damage is going to be at the point of attachment, but enemies around the grenade are still going to be hit and take a lot of damage depending on their range. In PVP, if this grenade becomes attached to an opposing guardian, most times the guardian will fall.


The melee attack of the Sunsinger is known as Scorch, which is a powerful melee attack that ignites enemies and does damage over time. With the powerful explosion of fire upon contact with an enemy, it is enough to put most weaker enemies down but with the added bonus or curse, (depending on what end of it you are on), of the lingering solar damage is oftentimes that last little push it takes to reduce an enemy to ash. The intensity of Scorch is altered through three main perks; 

-Flame Shield : Damaging enemies with Scorch reduces incoming damage for a short time

-Solar Wind : Hitting an enemy with Scorch knocks them back

-Brimstone : Killing enemies with Scorch causes them to explode


The warlock has a rather elegant movement method that belies the command of this order over the light that it wields. The glide is a smooth float that can carry the warlock up to a certain point after which it will begin to float downward if activated from a standstill but if activated while gaining height it will carry your warlock higher like a mystical jetpack. The glide showcases the dexterity and speed of the warlock and allows for pinpoint control for motion around the environment. On top of this, it is quite useful for stopping potentially lethal falls at the very last second. There are three different perks that alter the way your Sunsinger moves and they are;

-Focused Control : Upgrades glide for better directional control while in mid-air

-Focused Burst : Upgrades glide to provide an initial burst of speed

-Balanced Glide : Upgrades glide to provide bonuses to both speed and control


The Super for this variant of the Warlock is known as Radiance and anyone who has seen a Sunsinger rise from the dead or running toward them with their fiery Phoenix wings can attest to the aptness of the name. It can be utilised in a variety of ways such as the Fireborn that allows a Warlock to revive from beyond the grave in a blast of orange fire or as a tank charging into the fray with hands full of the inferno. The main appeal for a Sunsinger is the reduced ability cooldowns that allow for uncountable Scorch attacks or allow the Warlock to rain fiery grenades on any and all who oppose them. This phoenix of light channels its power in three main ways;

Song of Flame : While active, Radiance reduces the cooldowns for nearby allies. This is in essence a support feature of the Sunsinger and is one of the reasons this branch of Warlock is known as the fireteams best friend. It allows nearby friends to share in the rapid ability cooldowns that Radiance provides. 

Radiant Skin : While active, Radiance reduces incoming damage. This perk turns the supporting Sunsinger into a tank in its own right with its ability to absorb huge amounts of damage while dealing death blows left and right in the form of Scorch and grenades composed of hellfire. 

Fireborn : Radiance can now be activated from beyond the grave. Doing so, returns you to life. This perk is quite useful in tricky spots when your fireteam is being overwhelmed by the forces of the Darkness and you all fall victim to death. Not when you rise from the dead…like a zombie…who is also on fire. It can be a saving grace for many people but has the limitation that you have to keep your super charged just for if that key moment arises. 

The Perks of Being a Sunsinger

There is a great variety of miscellaneous perks available for your Sunsinger to be bolstered by. This all comes down to your inherent personal preferences and how you want your fire to consume the Darkness. These are divided into physical perks and ability ones. 


-Arcane Wisdom : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Arcane Spirit : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Arcane Force : Training focused on toughness and speed

-Ancestral Order : Training focused on all attributes

-Chaos Order : Training focused on raw speed

-Divine Order : Training focused on toughness at all costs



-Radiant Will : Increases the duration of Radiance

-Viking Funeral : Enemies you ignite burn longer and take more damage

-Sunburst : Killing an enemy with Scorch has a chance to produce orbs of light

 –Touch of Flame : All grenades ignite enemies causing damage over time

-Angel of Light : Aiming your weapon while in the air will hold you in place for a short time

-Gift of the Sun : Gain an additional grenade

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