Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Black Spindle

 “Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe.”

The Black Spindle is a sniper rifle that was created by the daughters of the Taken King Oryx, the infamous Ir Halak the Unraveller and Ir Anuk the Weaver. These two sisters are able to unmake and remake reality without much difficulty. These Deathsingers who were impervious to a final end, created this weapon to ensure that their foes did not stop suffering. This weapon designed by these powerful Hive wizards, recycles the magazine on precision hits so it never has to stop firing.

This gun is optimised for fights that involve enemies with a large amount of health as its unique perk White Nail, refills the magazine from its reserves if you land three precision shots in a rapid space of time. This allows for an unending stream of bullets to put down your enemies without difficulty. However it is quite a niche exotic that is only really functional with enemies that are easy to precision hit and since it has a higher impact it is more useful focused on ultra level minions of the Darkness. It can be utilised against low level adds but it is a waste of an exotic slot if you are not aiming to get those precision hits.

This gun has an unmistakeable Hive influence with the sickly green glow throughout as well as the black and green growths covering it. The end of the barrel covered with black spikes showcases the weapons destructive power, its ability as an unmaker. The Black Spindle’s body has a thicker caste to it than most snipers which once again showcases its power, which according to Hive lore, is the only thing that carries any weight.

How to Acquire it?
The Black Spindle is a hidden exotic that can only be acquired by doing the mission Lost to Light when it comes around as a Daily Heroic. For the best chance at gaining this exotic, it might be beneficial to do this mission as part of a three guardian fireteam. Once you get to the part of the mission where you collect the Hive crystal, and get assaulted by Taken, you have to get through each of the rooms as quickly as you can, unlocking the doors with the tomb husks. Once you get to the chamber that requires you to open three locks, you must head to the back of the room where the door leading to Taniks’ Ketch from the Shadow Thief strike is located.

If you moved through the other chambers quickly enough the door should be open. Once you and your fireteam move through into the Ketch you have 10 minutes to clear out every chamber of the Ketch. You must kill every Taken in each room for the next room to be opened. Once you get to the final area, where you first face Taniks, a Taken champion will spawn and you need to eliminate every Taken in the room as well as the champion. If you complete this before the 10 minute time limit is up, you earn your exotic Sniper rifle.

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