Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Bolt-Caster


With your own hands you forged the mighty Bolt-Caster. Now take it in hand and unleash its thunder.

The Bolt-caster is an exotic sword that was forged from the remnants of the sword Willbreaker, the chosen weapon of the Taken King – Oryx. Since Willbreaker was a darkness infused sword, it was not fit for Guardians to wield and so a way was found for it to be made into a weapon of the Light. Spinmetal was utilised to stabilise the hadium of which the sword was comprised,  but a way was found by Lord Shaxx, the Cryptarchy and Ikora Rey to utilise ultra refined Spinmetal in order to overpower the dark energies within and cause it to be a weapon of the Light. Hence the Bolt-Caster was born.

The Bolt-Caster being a heavy sword, is a fast swing weapon that has a strong impact able to stagger enemies or outright kill lower level adds. Its exotic perk is called Sword of Thunder and with it you are able to throw a spinning arc sword, a large distance in a straight line for 5 heavy ammo. This allows you to use this devastating heavy weapon from a distance. It is the best choice of the three exotic swords for use in PVP as you are able to challenge long distance snipers with the spinning bolts as well as enemy guardians that are across the field of play. On top of this if you want to utilise the sword as a purely melee weapon it is best to stick to cover so you don’t get obliterated by the longer distance weapons. In PVE this sword is quite useful as the sword itself is able to clear out groups of adds in a heartbeat and the long range bolts can help your guardian clear out powerful enemies from a safe distance.

The Bolt-Caster has a thinner blade that is reminiscent of an Ancient Japanese Katana. The sheen along the edge shows how deadly sharp this heavy weapon is. The rectangle shaped holes along the sides of the blade break up the monotony of the cold sharp hadium and spinmetal. The blue core of the sword shows the arc power of the Bolt-Caster and the new Light within it.

How to Acquire it?
The path to gaining the Bolt-Caster begins once you defeat the Taken King in the mission Regicide and gain the dark core of his sword Willbreaker. Your guardian needs to complete the mission, A Broken Will, which requires you to kill Oryx, complete the quest Dread Patrol and talk to Eris Morn, After this you will need to speak to Lord Shaxx and he will give you a choice between three legendary swords, either Arc, Solar or Void. If you pick the Arc one, you need to infuse it over light level 280 and upgrade it completely. After this you need to defeat 50 majors and 25 guardians in the crucible with the sword. Then you must travel to the Founts area on the Dreadnaught and defeat the three elemental warden knights you find there, with a single Super. Proceed through the now open door to the Asylum and defeat all the adds present until a shielded knight known as Ecthar, Sword of Oryx appears. His shield can only be damaged by your sword and then he can be damaged by your other weapons. After you kill him, you go and speak to Lord Shaxx and then proceed to the next step in the quest.

You now have to go collect 10 rare planetary materials, which for the arc sword are known as Zeptocyte Cores, and are found in spinmetal nodes. The drop rate for these seems to be around an average of one per 10 spinmetal collected. On top of this you need to get a certain number of arc ability kills. Once you get 10 Zeptocyte Cores and the full number of ability kills you speak to Lord Shaxx for the final time and collect the Bolt-Caster once Armsday (Wednesday) has come around.


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