Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Boolean Gemini

 Fight your way!

With the ever increasing diversity of guns that the cities foundries develop and work on in order to gain a competitive against the Darkness, it is quite impossible for a guardian to carry every single piece of the Tower arsenal. Enter the Boolean Gemini, a gun designed to be a flexible armament that will allow for adaptability and flexibility in the field. The accompanying writing, ‘Fight your way’, is reminiscent of its exotic perks and hints at the only way to triumph over the Darkness is to beat it back with tooth and claw. As you acquire the gun in the Reef, the four pointed symbol at the back could reference the Queens destructive last resort weapons known as the Harbingers that generally end any conflict.

This gun is an amazing choice for an exotic scout rifle. Besides having quite solid base stats that showcase it as a heavy hitter, the faster fire rate allows it to win a lot of 1v1 firefights without much difficulty. However, the ability to choose between two exotic perks make this primary quite a standout.  The first exotic perk One Way provides your guardian with bonus agility on precision kills, which can stack up to three times. This perk is more for someone who can consistently hit critical spots and so be rewarded with increased agility. The second exotic perk, Or Another, provides bonus armour on non-precision kills which can also be stacked up to three times. This choice is more for the tank type of guardian, that will be granted the ability to absorb more damage while in the thick of the fight.

This gun has quite a simple design that belies its functionality as a gun of practical application which is referenced through the curved body of the gun devoid of any attachments or interesting features that would make it pop. The iron sights do a lot to push this image along in the fact that they are quite utilitarian. The four pointed star along the back of this exotic seems to have some reference to space, either through the travel and exploration of deep space motif that is prevalent throughout the game or an explicit connection to the Reef itself from where you get this gun.

How to Acquire it?
Firstly for this exotic to be collected from the Queens emissary you need to be at least rank 3 with Queens Wrath so get out there and complete those bounties. This scout rifle has a bit of a trek in order to acquire it. Firstly you need to accept the quest The Taken War : Petra from Petra Venj in the Reef, which will consist of you travelling to different planets and killing the taken Champions that occasionally spawn in the different zones around the planet. This must be completed twice for each planet, Mars, Venus and Earth. Once all these planets have been partially cleansed of Taken, you must speak to Variks and accept the quest known as the Wolves of Mars, which tasks you with finding and killing a number of Fallen across the system. After killing the appropriate number of pirates, Variks tasks you with hunting down a Fallen Archon that is found in the Rubicon Wastes near the Iron Line. This is the same location as the beginning of the Cerberus Vae strike, within which you kill Valus Ta-aurc.

After you complete this a new quest known as Lost and Found will become available from Petra which requires you to kill 50 Hive and Taken enemies on board the Dreadnaught after which you must complete tier 1 level Court of Oryx until a droppable item known as the Tech Witch Brooch is found. To complete the tier 1 Court of Oryx, you need a reciprocal rune which should have dropped from the Taken champions you killed earlier. Once the Brooch is acquired, head to Petra once again and gain your exotic scout rifle.

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