Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Dark-Drinker

 With your own hands you forged the mighty Dark-Drinker. Now take it in hand and slake its thirst.

The Dark-Drinker. The now Light infused remnant of Willbreaker, the sword of the Taken King. But has the darkness completely been removed from this weapon? The Light that has been melded into it may have tamed its edge and made it a weapon of salvation and vengeance as opposed to one of pure death and destruction but the Hadium can still remember its former power. Each life that Willbreaker removed from existence served to sharpen its edge and provide it with its own authority. On top of this, can a sword with as feared a name as Willbreaker, by whose blade countless civilisations have fallen completely be transmuted. The new Dark-Drinker may be a weapon of the Light but it still demands subjugation. Demands power. The void is no less forgiving than the Darkness.

The Dark-Drinker is the best of the three exotic swords for add control which is what makes it a superb choice for PVE. The exotic perk Supermassive Vortex, can be used to unleash a spiral of Void energy in all directions. In other words, your Guardian unleashes a circular attack that makes you appear as a purple whirlwind for a short time. In this regard, that heavy attack can clear some space if you are being swarmed by minions of the Darkness or even wipe out higher level majors without too much difficulty. From a PVP standpoint, this exotic sword is only really viable as a heavy sword of which there are a few legendary versions. It will just be a waste of the limited heavy ammo to utilise the exotic perk of Dark-Drinker when a single strike will do the trick. If you are vying for a sword in Crucible, it may be better to either use Bolt-Caster or a legendary sword that will allow you to free up your exotic slot.

The blade for the Dark-Drinker is of the thicker variety which seems very close to medieval level Broadswords. The thicker blade showcases this exotic sword as a powerhouse that will slice through your enemies, no matter who they are. The design on the blade of the sword is reminiscent of stylised flames or even tribal designs and they create an intricate and interesting effect that breaks up the monotony of such a large space on the sword. The curved tip is another emulation of killing superiority of this weapon, and feeds in to the Void energy that surrounds it – that that the tip at the end will tear your enemies souls from their frames and leave them to the endless Void.

How to Acquire it?
The path to gaining the Dark-Drinker begins once you defeat the Taken King in the mission Regicide and gain the dark core of his sword Willbreaker. Your guardian needs to complete the mission, A Broken Will, which requires you to kill Oryx, complete the quest Dread Patrol and talk to Eris Morn, After this you will need to speak to Lord Shaxx and he will give you a choice between three legendary swords, either Arc, Solar or Void. If you pick the void one, you need to infuse it over light level 280 and upgrade it completely. After this you need to defeat 50 majors and 25 guardians in the crucible with the sword. Then you must travel to the Founts area on the Dreadnaught and defeat the three elemental warden knights you find there, with a single Super. Proceed through the now open door to the Asylum and defeat all the adds present until a shielded knight known as Ecthar, Sword of Oryx appears. His shield can only be damaged by your sword and then he can be damaged by your other weapons. After you kill him, you go and speak to Lord Shaxx and then proceed to the next step in the quest.

You now have to go collect 10 rare planetary materials, which for the void sword are known as Relic Crystals, and are found in relic iron nodes. The drop rate for these seems to be around an average of one per 10 relic iron collected. On top of this you need to get a certain number of void ability kills. Once you get 10 Relic Crystals and the full number of ability kills you speak to Lord Shaxx for the final time and collect the Dark-Drinker once Armsday (Wednesday) has come around.

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