Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Don’t Touch Me

 Amputated from a creature that stumbled out of a Vex gate. A vestigial reflex still remains.

The Don’t Touch Me is a reactive set of exotic gauntlets. This is referring to its exotic perk, Defensive Reflex that makes the Hunter wearing these gauntlets briefly invisible when they take damage from a melee attack. In this regard, it would have more benefit in a PVE arena as it can get you out of tight spots when being surrounded or ambushed. The brief invisibility can allow you to retreat without being pursued and recover your shield and form a new plan. In a PVP setting, this exotic, while having some utility, gaining brief invisibility does not stop enemy Guardians from seeing you, just make it a bit more difficult. On top of this, most of the time your Guardian gets hit by a melee attack you get finished off in two hits or you were already weak enough to get killed outright, which renders the perk useless. The only way for this exotic to be viable in PVP is to have a high amount of health and/or shield and after you are hit, use the brief moment of confusion to make an escape or a power play. However with the other assorted exotics that exist that provide much better bonuses, it may not be up to par.

These gauntlets while having a limited usage in the world of Destiny, are quite visually stimulating. The main focal point of these gauntlets is the rounded covering over his shoulder with a silver horn or spike coming out from under it. The creature that stumbled out of the Vex gate clearly comes out of an alternate timeline and has adapted biologically as, ironically, a hunter. The creature could also be a by product of an organic Vex-like species, ergo its ability to manipulate the Vex gates. Based on the amputated segment, the creature has a hard carapace and either horns or spikes coming out from under the armour and so it is fair to assume that the amputated piece of this creature was a type of insect.

How to Acquire it?
The Don’t Touch Me can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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