Exotic Review : Dragons Breath

 Burn the world. Burn it all. 

The dragons breath is quite a unique Rocket Launcher designed and built by some of the leading experts in heavy armaments. Feizel Crux and Victor Lomar. The design and abilities of this wondrous machine was designed to both imitate and pay homage to the mythical beast of the pre-golden age – the Dragon. The belief is that this gun carries an ability to outmatch the classic Dragon with its firepower but unfortunately as of now we have to be content with speculation.

The Dragons Breath has stepped up in performance since the year one variant that has a slow rate of fire and understandably a high impact. This heavy weapon holds the exotic perk known as Napalm, which drops a Solar Damage canister that results in an inferno being spread across the ground when the trigger is released. This perk really makes it feel like a Dragon has breathed fire over the land and destroyed everything in its path. In a PVE arena this heavy weapon really shines as the initial impact, like most Rocket Launchers is high enough to eliminate any enemies but with its exotic ability it can kill any enemies that wander into its napalm spread as well as possibly finish off any higher level enemies your Guardian is doing battle with. In PVP it can work out well as the Napalm can both prevent enemy Guardian incursions into areas that your team inhabits. On top of this it can finalise the mini-battles if some Guardians escape the initial impact of the Rocket.

The Dragons Breath has a sleek and simple design coupled with the green paint, that draws the focus to the main attraction of this weapon which is the stylised Dragon paint at the muzzle of the gun. The wide open mouth that appears to be mid roar becomes ever more fearsome when a Rocket is fired out of its gaping maw. The triangular shape of the whited out eye, begets hostility and anger which is fulfilled when the fire is launched towards your enemies. The circular reticle on the side of the gun is a basic sight fits with the simplistic design of this weapon. About halfway down the sloping design of the gun is a series of four upward facing vents that appear to be made out of steel or more likely titanium due to the necessity of being able to withstand high volumes of heat. The vents appear to be quite industrial and combined with the reticle are reminiscent of pre-golden age technology combined with new age weapon knowledge.

How to Acquire it?
The Dragons Breath can be gained from an exotic heavy engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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