Exotic Review : Hard Light

Ionised polymer synballistic attack platform. The system’s lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces.

The Hard Light was manufactured utilising hard to recover, rare materials from before the Golden Age and made with newly learned knowledge of Golden Age weapon technologies. The design and creation of the Hard Light was so demanding that it took several specialist Exos and at least one Warlock Thanatonaut. Considering that Exos were, in their original capacity, sentient war machines, it makes sense that this high tech weapon that seems to utilise some form of smart bullet, would require their expertise. The application of a Thanatonaut into the mix could be create a weapon that is lethal across all environments and alongside all tactics. The Hard Light’s bullets are superheated in the chamber and fired at incredibly high speeds with specialised capabilities that make it worthy of exotic status.

The Hard Light is a rather useful exotic auto rifle that has a high rate of fire and middling stability so with a steady hand, it maintains contact with your enemies. Its exotic perk, known as Volatile Light, allows the superheated bullets to over-penetrate as well as to ricochet off walls and the floor and turns the area in the direction you are shooting into a kaleidoscope of fast moving white lines. This perk has a better application in PVE than PVP due to more enemies being bunched up so the over-penetration will see more use. As for the ricochet, it isn’t something to be relied on in order to win an encounter but can provide a steady decrease in the health of your enemies if enough bullets are fired. In a PVP environment, the Hard Light is a solid auto rifle and many of the things that may provide a benefit in PVE do the same in the Crucible. However, due to its low impact and short range, it may not be best primary to utilise for any game in which you wish to have longer range engagements. This gun is best for middle to close range.

This exotic primary has a beautifully sleek and futuristic look about it that captures what an art gun-making can be when done in the best way possible, The rounded edges, make it look smoother and elegant and is a trademark of what Omolon guns tend to revolve around. The wires and bolts that encase the sides of the Hard Light provide an insight into the incredibly technical specifications and build that has allowed it to be. The main tube from the barrel of the gun to a large circular attachment about halfway down the side of the Hard Light. This container, probably encapsulates the unique Omolon fluid that might be a type of ferrofluid. This liquid is a condensed form of ammunition which may explain why the bullets can be superheated to such high temperatures without any adverse effects.

How to Acquire it?
The Hard Light can be gained from an exotic primary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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