Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Hereafter

“Huddled at the mountains base, we had no choice but to beat our ploughshares into swords once more.”

There was a time before the Darkness came, one of prosperity and limitless wealth. One where we were safe and happy. That is not the present. There was a time when the Worlds began to shift and there was nothing but death, despair and the devastation of our people and our homes. That is not the present. The story now, here, after those dark times is our redemption. Our fight is what comes next.

The Hereafter is a beautifully functioning sniper rifle that rewards a skilled hand that goes for those deadly precision shots. If your playstyle with your sniper rifle involves you going for the quick body shots then you should stay away from this exotic. It has two exotic perks with the first one being called after the weapon, The Hereafter which provides an increased scope zoom as well as being able to fire more precisely while under fire, while your Guardian is crouched. In a way this exotic makes you sacrifice some of your mobility in order to get the full operating functionality out of this gun which makes it great for hard scopers. The second perk is known as Blinding Light which, after a precision kill emits a bright flash from the location of the kill that can blind nearby enemies. The flash itself renders enemies vulnerable and unable to counterattack for a short time and the activation of that perk occurs around 75% of the time, depending on your luck. It allows for an easy mop up and so encourages you to aim for those precision kills with this weapon. In a PVP setting, Blinding Light may not see as much use due to the rapid and constant motion of enemy Guardians and the fact that a lot of Guardians tend not to remain too close to each other. However if you do score a precision kill and Blinding Light renders enemies vulnerable it allows them to be either picked off by you or by other Guardians if you wish to remain removed from the action. The functionality of this sniper is dependent on a particular playstyle, in that you have to be aiming for those precision shots otherwise you may as well switch to a different exotic.

The Hereafter definitely is not a mass produced weapon with a default design. The bright orange, blue and white that encompasses most of this gun makes it appear vibrant and slightly futuristic. However we know based on the flavour text as well as focusing on the frame of the gun, that it is an improvised piece of weaponry. The band of black metal around the middle of the barrel breaks up the monotony of the rifle and seems to serve some basic purpose when it comes to the aim of this weapon. The scope itself, seems to be quite high tech which is odd for an improvised weapon, maybe as it made its way into the Tower it was worked on by the Foundry technicians but it is quite high tech and variable zoom. On top of this, the Hereafter has an amazing sound – it is an echoey hollow sound that reverberates throughout the environment. Everything about this gun is unique and stands out.

How to Acquire it?
The Hereafter can be gained from an exotic secondary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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