Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Mask of the Third Man

“It wasn’t me. It was the Third Man.”

The Mask of the Third Man is a Bladedancer helmet that is designed to make the most out of your lightning charged Super and so to wreak ever more havoc onto your enemies. Unstable Current, allows your Hunter to use less Super energy when your Arc Blade is activated. In this regard, it can be utilised in both PVE and PVP because having more Super energy generally leads to more kills and ergo, leads to greater victories for the Light. In PVP, Arc Blade can run out quite quickly before you steal more than one or two kills and the ability to utilise less energy for Arc Blade attacks can lead to pushing your team a little bit more into the lead. In PVE, the ability to use less Super energy can allow you to clear out large groups of adds to carve the way for you and your teammates.

This exotic has a definite Hive feel albeit a modernised version of the Hive due to the eyes being lit up in a fluorescent fashion. It would suit the lore revolving around the Worms of the Hive Gods as having controlled members of the Hive in a singular passion for warmongering. This exotic serves as a kind of warning for Guardians everywhere that this helmet controls the very thoughts and actions of any who wears it. It may be a connection between the very commanders of the Darkness itself. On top of this the bottom of the faceplate is a likeness of the mandibles of a spider which feeds into the danger factor of this exotic, in that this exotic will inject toxins into your Guardians mind.

How to Acquire it?
The Mask of the Third Man can be gained from an exotic helmet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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