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Exotic Review : Queenbreakers Bow

 Despite the Breakers’ treachery. Her Majesty still stands. 

The Queenbreakers Bow is an exotic fusion rifle/sniper rifle combination weapon that was moulded to fit the hands of Guardians. During the Reef Wars, the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov, through manipulation pressed the dwindling House of Wolves into her service. They acted as guards, mercenaries, her pets. Eventually the House of Wolves, under the leadership of Skolas, rose up and attempted to remove her from leadership and even from life itself. These brave Fallen were known as Queenbreakers. However, despite the quick and violent rise to rend the Queen and her attendants, most of the Breakers were eliminated and their Line Rifles were taken as trophies. Thus is the origin of the Queenbreakers Bow.

The Queenbreakers Bow is, like above, a combination of a fusion rifle and a sniper rifle all rolled into one. It is a devastating long range weapon that has put many of its creators, The Fallen, into an early grave. It does not have a unique exotic perk but does have perks that severely increase its effectiveness namely Hidden Hand, which provides it with better target acquisition and hip fire which gives it bonus accuracy when fired from the hip. These perks provide the Queenbreakers Bow with wondrous accuracy both when aiming and not aiming down sights. This exotic is a great choice for both PVP and PVE with the high accuracy and devastating impact that will eliminate any enemies of the lower and even middling power ranges. Low level enemies have no chance of surviving a shot from this weapon and higher level minions will find that they are put in the ground with a well placed headshot which shouldn’t be hard to place with hidden hand. In the Crucible, the fast charge rate and high impact, marks this as a definite competitor for other popular sniper rifles. It is a one hit kill with a headshot and can easily finish off an opponent who has a fair portion of their shield remaining.

The Queenbreakers Bow has a definite alien feel to it that belies its origins. It is not from the Cities foundries, it is from the arsenal of the Fallen pirates. The long barrel showcases the features of a general rifle while the circular casing underneath the end of the barrel most likely holds a mini reactor or charging coil that is in a constant state of charging in order to rapidly fire shots towards your enemies. The scope is long and thin which makes it quite accurate and the lack of a bulky and clunky scope allows for quick adjustments to be made to make every shot count. There is also the unique clip to consider, as it is a thin cylinder attached below the trigger and trigger guard. It further points out that the Fallen have some weapon design knowledge that is not available or hasn’t occurred to the weapon foundries. It shows that despite the Fallen being scavengers and pirates they are still excellent with designing and building weaponry as is shown by the Queenbreakers Bow. On top of this the gun has a light brown colouration that suits the entire design of the weapon and surprisingly makes it pop.

How to Acquire it?
This weapon can be obtained by completing the Challenge of the Elders. One of the three exotic Fallen themed weapons can drop as an end of match reward after defeating all three Ultras of that weeks challenge. It is not guaranteed that you will gain an exotic and when you do, it is not guaranteed that it will be this one but the drop rates are rather high.

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