Exotic Review : Tlaloc


Release the storm. Hold nothing back.

The name Tlaloc is an Aztec word, referencing the supreme Aztec god of rain. He was believed to be a god of sustenance but was also feared for his ability to send thunder, hail and lightning, hence the italicised text.

The Tlaloc is a very solid scout rifle that has a reasonably fast fire rate and high damage. This is why it has a decent time to kill. However while being a decent scout rifle without having its exotic perk, the Tlaloc is gifted with the perk, Overflow, which gives the user better handling, stability and a faster rate of fire while the wielders super is charged. Since the wielders Super has to be charged, it is a perfect gun for a Sunsinger, who is utilising the Fireborn perk. Although if your guardian is holding on to your super to wait for the perfect moment, then this gun can still be a decent exotic choice.

This gun has a semi utilitarian look and feel and almost looks unfinished. It has the classic Omolon characteristic with the liquid bullets and the glowing blue liquid canisters on the side. This weapon also has the Warlock symbol at the base of the gun highlighting its specific use by Warlocks.

How to Acquire it?
This gun can be gained by getting to Rank 3 with the gunsmith on a Warlock guardian. It unlocks the quest which requires you to firstly get 100 kills with a scout rifle while a primary telemetry is active. Then you have to dismantle rare and legendary scout rifles in order to get to 10 weapon parts. A blue scout rifle gives you 2 weapon parts and a legendary scout rifle is 5 weapon parts. After you collect these parts return to Banshee-44 and get your new Tlaloc.

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