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Exotic Review : Touch of Malice

 “Let them feel every lash, every curse, every touch of malice that they first dealt to me.”  – Eris Morn

This weapon was crafted by Eris Morn with the knowledge gained from studying the interior workings and knowledge of the Calcified Fragments, collected by Guardians on board the Dreadnaught. She discovers that every attack, every kill, every species extinguished by the Hive and their attendants just leaves them more ravenous and vicious than before. The hunger for death is never satisfied only exacerbated. Staring within the interiors of the cold fragments she sees that the blind squirming creatures feel every wound on themselves as they inflict them on others. Every blow they strike against the Light pushes more pressure upon them from the Dark. It can never be overcome or fought against, only submitted to. Eris Morn builds the Touch of Malice with the very nature of the Hive and their worms within it, with a bit of something else, Eris’ own hatred and suffering as well as a bit of hope.

This scout rifle has a very niche market to be utilised most effectively in and that is within the Raid or when either playing as or accompanying a Defender Titan with Blessings of Light activated but even then it is less effective than other exotics or even other legendary weapons. Its signature perk, Touch of Malice allows the last bullet in the magazine to deal bonus damage and regenerate at the cost of the wielders life force. This means that you can unendingly fire this gun as long as you can keep your life force up because that particular perk will kill your Guardian if you keep firing and your health drops down to zero. That is why this perk is at its most useful within the Kings Fall and even the outdated Vault of Glass Raid and indeed any activity that provides you with an aura that does not let your health drop down. This is also why it can be incredibly handy to have a Defender Titan with Blessings of Light on the Ward as you can pop in and out to regain an overshield and so fire eternally. It has another perk on this gun known as Touch of Mercy, which provides you with a returned portion of your health if you manage to achieve three rapid kills with the Touch of Malice. This perk can be exceedingly useful in PVE as it can allow you just that tiny bit of extra health that will allow you to pump out the more damage dealing shots as well as giving you just that bit of extra health to help you survive the onslaught of the Darkness. This weapon while being useful in PVP with its base stats is overall a waste of an exotic slot as once the perk is activated, it reduces your health allowing your enemy or enemies to take you out quicker. There are just better exotics available for a Crucible scenario.

The Touch of Malice definitely has a cobbled together feel that is overall laced with a Hive influence. The ragged and battered shroud that is covering the main body of the weapon is from the very cloak of Ir Halak and Ir Anuk, the Deathsingers. It is torn and of a brown and dirty yellow colour that indicate its age and the dark practices that have surrounded it. This exotic is pieced together by pieces of the very type of Exalted Hive it and its maker seek to eliminate and silence forever. The Shroud as was mentioned earlier was ripped off the corpse of Ir Anuk, the Weaver who causes destinies and fates to be brought into existence. The muzzle of the weapon is placed above the Blade of Famine gained through conquest of the Warpriest and his relentless quest to serve Oryx. This piece allows this exotic to pierce the very souls of those it attacks. On top of that the rotating dial with a black pulsating mass inside it is the Ravenous Heart of Oryx is which presumably what draws additional power from your Life and your Light and infuses it into the bullets of the Touch. This rotating dial, which is most likely the very core of this weapon is covered with Hive runes which makes it an interesting design choice as the powers of the Darkness are being utilised the serve the Light against the very same Darkness.

How to Acquire it?
To gain the Touch of Malice, your Guardian is going to have to complete an extensive quest chain that begins by finding and collecting your first Calcified Fragment. I recommend looking at , in order to find out where they are and what ones you are missing. Once you collect the first one, you will need to bring it to Eris Morn where she will task you with collecting five more fragments with a quest she gives you known as Shattered Past.

To proceed with the quest you will need to collect a total of 15 of the fragments to unlock another quest known as, Hunger Pangs. Once this quest is unlocked, a marker on the Cosmodrome should appear for a specialised mission which requires you to delve into the Salt Mines in Bunker WAR-4 and defeat the Taken Centurion within known as Bracus. Once you defeat him, that part of the quest is over and remains over until you take your first steps into the Kings Fall Raid.

Once you begin the Kings Fall Raid, you will get a quest marker with Eris Morn so you can either complete the Raid and do retrieve the quest or more efficiently, leave the Raid temporarily to get the quest and come back to the Raid with it in your inventory. This quest known as The Old Hunger requires you to gain the Blade of Famine from the Warpriest, The Shroud of Ir Anuk from the Daughters of Oryx and the Ravenous Heart from Oryx himself. If you have this quest active in your inventory, these will be automatic drops after you defeat each of these bosses.

Old Hunger, through Eris, then requires you to collect 25 Wormspore, 50 Weapon Parts and 50 Hadium Flakes. Wormspore can be found within chests on the Dreadnaught as well as a result from opening the glowing green fungal nodes that are strewn about. Hadium Flakes can only be collected through the opening of chests on the Dreadnaught so it may take some time to farm them all. Once you acquire all of these items, you return them to Eris and await for her next quest step to become active.

If you continue to collect those Calcified Fragments, this next step will activate once you collect 30 of them which will relaunch the Hunger Pangs quest once again. This time Eris asks you to return to the Undying Mind and defeat Morgath the Lore Keeper at the end of the Strike while you are fighting the Undying Mind. Once you inform Eris of your victory she will award your efforts and return to her silence and contemplation and continue working on the frame of the Touch of Malice.

Keep collecting those Calcified Fragments cause for the next step you will need a total of 45. Eris will now give you the final quest which is known as Fears Embrace. This quest requires you to return to Phobos where the Taken threat began and defeat a Taken Wizard called Mar-Zik the Blightcaller. This wizard spawns when the Echo of Oryx has approximately a quarter of his health left. Once you defeat Mar-Zik, you return to Eris the final time to be rewarded with the newly formed Touch of Malice.

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