Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Truth

 “…is where you seek it.”

Developed by THE leading developers in armament that tend to blow things up in the most extravagant and beautiful way possible, Truth was built by Crux and Lomar. This weapon is evocative of a time during the Golden Age when warfare was controlled by collaborative efforts of AI’s and autonomous weapon systems. The Warminds themselves were built to defend humanity under their own initiative. As the Traveller has come and gifted the Guardians with Light and the ability to utilise our own bodies as a weapon, the need for smart weaponry has faded away but as the gun foundries of the City make leaps and strides in technology, the weapons are only getting smarter.

The Truth rocket launcher is one of the optimal weapons for combat both in the Crucible and PVE as it has a perk that allows it to be set and forgot. If you fire it towards a target without any major obstructions in the way, it will hit your target. The exotic perk, Prototype Trueseeker imbues the rounds fired from the Truth with the ability to seek targets aggressively. So aggressively in fact that occasionally in you miss your target that you had locked on to it will begin to curve quite rapidly back towards it. Truth has a high impact and large blast radius and this coupled with the tracking makes it an ideal PVE weapon for eliminating huge groups of adds and ultra level bosses. In Crucible, this weapon has developed quite a reputation for having a large group of Guardians dedicated to its use. The tracking can be activated from quite a long distance away and the velocity coupled with the relentless tracking makes rounds from this rocket launcher very hard to avoid.

This exotic weapon has a simple design and colour scheme that ensure that the reason you utilise this weapon isn’t for looks but for an amazing practicality. The barrel is bulky but the muzzle opening is at least half the size of the main part of the barrel. This could be due to the technology that allows for the superior tracking ability which is further conveyed by the sights along the side which are clearly electronic and advanced. The creators of the Truth, “Crux, Lomar’ is emblazoned on the side, which is a stand out to every Guardian as a quality armament that will make a dent in the Darkness.

How to Acquire it?
The Truth can be gained from an exotic heavy engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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