Exotic Review : Vex Mythoclast

 …a causal loop within this weapons mechanism, suggesting that the firing process somehow binds space and time into…

The Vex Mythoclast is an enigma of a weapon that is clearly of Vex make. The Mythoclast is an instrument of war from some far flung corner of time that is unexplainably made to fit human hands. It has been speculated that this weapon shares some connection and link to the The Exo Stranger and her ability to fade in and out of our timeline. The Vex Gatelord Atheon, who controls the extension and management of the Vex conflux system and controls the mysterious Vault of Glass has had a hand in the creation of this fusion rifle. It could be that the instant charge rate for the fusion rifle rounds of the Vex Mythoclast is due to the link between that Gatelord and the very conflux system – pulling the rounds from the future into the present and so creating an endless timeloop that is very much the Vex fashion.

The Vex Mythoclast is a rapid fire fusion rifle that can be equipped in the primary weapon slot and holds a solar burn. This exotic while having an extremely fast fire rate and large magazine has a reasonably high impact, allowing it to fulfil major role in any Guardians armament. However it shares more utility in a PVE role than a PVP one. While in its hayday in Year One of Destiny, this weapon was a Guardian destroyer in the Crucible as well as out in patrols and the like. However now this weapon has been left behind as Year Two has rolled around and there are much better exotics to choose from. In a Crucible regard, the impact has been reduced and so the time to kill has subsequently been increased which means unless you get the jump on someone first, you may be losing more firefights than you win. Since it has not been brought up to Year Two power levels, it will significantly drop your Light if you choose to use this weapon but it is still a wondrous weapon to use in PVE with its rapid fire rate, as well as its ability to burn through time itself with the solar burn.

This exotic fusion rifle has a classic futuristic look that accompanies its Vex origins. The long elongated muzzle and strange design compared to other guns of the time, so it is fair to say that it has come from the future where technology has altered the way firearms function and are constructed. The sights on top have a red glowing light that is reminiscent of the Vex eyepieces and the yellow outer casing appears to be quite resilient yet light. As for the gun in its entirety, it is following the exact design of the Vex blasters that are mounted on their arms but the trigger has been modified for a Guardian or other Soldier to use in the fight against the Darkness.

How to Acquire it?
The Vex Mythoclast can be gained from defeating Atheon in the Vault of Glass on Hard mode and being lucky enough for it to drop.

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