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Exotic Review : Zhalo Supercell

 An upcycled torrent of righteous thunder.

The Zhalo Supercell. A striking specimen that embodies hope and the neverending fight that all Guardians hold dear. This weapon is a tangible reality of what a knowledgeable Guardian can accomplish with some outdated technology, a fundamental understanding of manipulating the Light and a desire to consume the enemies of the Light with unrelenting barrages of death and pain. The Zhalo Supercell was created by a Guardian lost out in the midst of the Darkness, hemmed in on all sides without proper weaponry and without assistance. However a burst of inspiration seized this anonymous Warrior of Light and using recovered and recycled parts, the Zhalo Supercell was born.

The Zhalo Supercell is a rapid, arc firing auto rifle that doesn’t allow your enemies a single moment to recover. It has a decent impact for a mid-fire rate auto rifle and will definitely eliminate any enemies that stand in your way. However the draw for this particular gun isn’t its impact but its arc capabilities. This exotic has two main perks that cause it to be a deadly addition to any Guardians armoury. The namesake perk, Zhalo Supercell, provides your arc projectiles with a chance to chain lightning when enemies are close together. This allows you to damage multiple enemies at a single time which is always beneficial. This is more of a PVE perk, as the lightning chaining will see more action out in that particular arena. It will however be useful in the Crucible in certain circumstances and game modes where multiple Guardians are congregating in one spot as that particular perk can give you a much needed edge. The Zhalo Supercells other perk is known as Bolts from the Blue and upon achieving double kills will this perk be activated. Those double kills charge a small amount of Super energy and return ammo to the magazine. With regards to PVP, double kills are quite common, especially with auto rifles and as such the bonus Super energy as well as not having to reload can keep you alive just a little bit longer. In PVE however, that perk will definitely see more use due to more enemy minions crowding around each other. Bolts from the Blue will get your Super charged in no time so you can deal death and destruction with space magic.

The Zhalo Supercell has an old and vintage-y look that perfectly encapsulates the tinkered and improvised weapon that it is. The long bullet stock at the butt of the gun is curved towards the trigger guard and gives the weapon an air of uniqueness. This could also serve to provide some protection to the owners hand that is on the trigger. The muzzle of the gun is hemmed in, above and below by electrical wires, which not only increase the aesthetic of it being made on the fly, but also indicate how the bullets themselves are being charged. This is most likely being done with arc energy on a loop being passed through the muzzle and supercharging the bullets that are fired. On top of this, there is a brown scratch mark that appears to be quite rusted on the side of the Zhalo. This could be a remnant from the Golden Age of something that killed whoever held that particular piece long ago. Or even a modern attack that has rusted with exposure to the elements. This gun has a pale green colouring that isn’t flashy or even that good looking. It causes the gun to have a bit of character and it is awesome.

How to Acquire it?
The Zhalo Supercell can be gained from an exotic primary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.


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