The Story So Far : Pokemon Sun and Moon

With the excitement of the next iteration of the iconic Pokemon series looming on the horizon it is fair to say that long time fans of the video game series, such as myself are eager to digest every minuscule scrap of information about this game. How far into the horizon is this hyped new instalment? Well it is scheduled to release on November 18th 2016, so we have a while to wait yet. However here is everything we currently know and what we all speculate about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.


The starter Pokemon for Sun and Moon were released some time ago and have caused wild speculation and excitement about what new typings these adorable Pokemon could hold as well as their abilities. We are presented with Litten, the adorable cat like creature with red banding all over its body, that holds the Fire type status, Rowlet the small owl with what appears to be a leaf bow tie combining both Grass and Flying to form a formidable combination and Popplio, the esteemed Water type of the three. Keeping with Pokemon’s attempts to bring some new life into the Pokemon games, and coupled with the dual type of Rowlet, it is fair to say that these initial typings may be altered slightly or even to a dramatic extent as they evolve. This may come about with normal levelled evolutions or perhaps even with potential Mega Evolutions of the starters.

If that is the case, then it wouldn’t be right to leave it without some predictions for potential evolved typings so here we go. Litten due to the contrast with the red and black and its starting type of Fire leads me to believe that it will change into a combination of Fire and Dark or possibly even Psychic. The potential for Psychic comes about with the symmetry of the lines, particularly those on Litten’s head. In the case of Popplio, it could come about that it alters into a Water/Ice variant as that could add a fair amount of variety into the game as that particular combination has not been seen in any previous games starter Pokemon. With regards to Rowlet, it could remain a Grass/Flying type or more likely, they will alter the typing to introduce a new element to the game. In the case of the cute Rowlet, it has a high possibility of transforming into a Grass/Dragon or Grass/Fairy typing. Both these combos have also not been seen in Pokemon before and it will be a prominent feature for the recently added Fairy type which was released in Generation VI with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The addition of a Dragon type to Rowlet would suit it as it grows larger with its evolutions and could cause the Grass type to gain a large power boost due to the offensive and speed focused nature of Dragon types.


The region of Alola is the home to this iteration of the Pokemon series and seems to be based off an Island setting quite obviously with the fact that Alola is made up of five differing islands. The name Alola can be etymologically linked with Aloha the Hawaiian word utilised when greeting and saying farewell to someone as well as expressing adoration. The design elements of the region as well as the clothing and scenery express Hawaiian elements. The addition of numerous islands however is reminiscent of a network of Islands similar to the Maldives but either way this generation of Pokemon is inspired quite heavily by island elements.

 As you can see in the above image the Alola region is made up of four natural islands with one that is artificial in the middle. The artificial island could be a staging area for the games specialised criminal organisation if there is one or it could be a type of lab/research station as it appears to be technologically significant. And branching once more into speculation, it would have to have a quite prominent reason in order to an artificial island to be built. As we can see in the image, and with basic common-sense when dealing with islands, interaction with boats is going to be a common feature of Pokemon Sun and Moon and by extension the Surf and possibly Dive abilities will be used frequently.

Legendary Pokemon

As of June 2nd, the main legendaries that are going to be released with this game have been revealed with greater detail. The first being the Psychic/Steel type, Solgaleo, which is has been inspired from the Lion. It appears to have an ability known as Full Metal Body, which if you will allow me to speculate, prevents any of its stats being lowered as was evident by an opposing Salamence utilising its ability, Intimidate which lowers the attack stat of the enemy Pokemon. Continuing along this same vein, Full Metal Body could even go so far as to prevent Solgaleo’s stats from being raised as well which means that its stats would have to be sufficiently high enough to compensate for that. Based on the design of this Pokemon, I think it would be clear to say that its primary stat would be Attack as it appears to be a more physical contact capable. This is also shown in its specialty move which is known as Sunsteel Strike. This ability sees Solgaleo leaping into the air where a ball of fire is generated, after which it dives down and makes physical contact with its opponent while shrouded in flames.

 The cover Pokemon for Pokemon Moon is the Psychic/Ghost type, Lunala who draws definite links to a Bat. This legendary holds the ability, Shadow Shield and while you don’t see it in action it can be guessed that it has something to do with defence. Perhaps against certain types of moves or even a buff that boosts the Defence stat with every successful hit against your opponent. The layout of this Pokemon suggests that its highest stats would either be a variant of Defence or Special Defence or even Special Attack primarily due to its specialised move. This move is known as Moongeist Beam of which Lunala charges and focuses power from different points on its rounded body and sends down a beam of blue-ish light towards its adversary. This move was seen to be Super-effective against a Gengar who holds the types Poison and Ghost. This by a simple knowledge of the typing weaknesses leads us to believe that Moongeist Beam is either a Psychic or Dark type move. This fits in with its typing.

 Another notable thing in regards to these title legendaries is the glowing symbols that appear on their heads before they initiate their specialised attacks. Solgaleo has a stylised circle with four short lines branching off it much like a stylised compass while Lunala presents a small circle hemmed in by two semi circles on the top and bottom. These could be just design elements for the legendaries or symbols representing the Sun and Moon or could be a version of power boosting similar to the Primal evolutions in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Continuing on this vein, these symbols could possibly only make an appearance when their specialised attacks are activated which leads to greater mysteries about what they mean and how to activate them. We will just have to wait and see what the future reveals.

With these Pokemon games there is usually a third unrevealed legendary that makes its appearance.  It is a strong possibility with this reason that the potentially mystery Legendary could be an artificially created Pokemon, hence the purpose of the fifth island. Due to the common mythic connotations of the the Sun and Moon within a myriad of Creation myths, the unrevealed legendary Pokemon could quite easily be a representative of the Earth as a whole. Hence it will be a Earth or even Rock type that could quite possibly keep these Pokemon in balance like Zygarde managed with Yveltal and Xerneas in Pokemon X and Y.


Worth noting is the appearance of the Pokedex of which it is controlled and operated from within by a Rotom that can interact with you. It has been seen in previous versions of this game that Rotom, being an Electric/Ghost type can posses and inhabit certain items such as TV sets, washing machines, lawn mowers, fans and refrigerators. The body of the Pokedex is specially designed for a Rotom but can only function properly once a Rotom is placed inside it which leads me to believe that one of the early quests will require you to go and catch or retrieve a Rotom so you can begin your Pokemon journey. Either way it is a breath of fresh air for one of the most intrinsic devices of the Pokemon universe.

The hype for Pokemon Sun and Moon is colossal, with it being the first brand new iteration of the series in two years. These reveals that are spoon feeding the Pokemon community are only fuelling the wild speculation and eagerness that all the fans of this franchise are experiencing. I, personally am so very excited to both find out more about both of these games as well as play them when they are released. I greatly recommend placing a pre-order on Pokemon Sun and Moon as they seem to have a massive load of potential and won’t disappoint a fan of the Pokemon series.

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