Battleborn Character Guide : Mellka The Slightly-More-Than-Annoyed Eldrid


By the year 19904, so many stars had fallen to the Varelsi and their accursed Darkenings that at this point in history it wasn’t even notable to talk about the individual fates of these stars and systems. However the native star of Farhallim was notable due to one main reason and that is that the planet itself was darkened alongside its star which is quite unusual and a rare occurrence as the planets are usually left to spin off into space itself. Mellka Hyenyota is an Aelfrin girl born in space aboard the Eldrid Research Vessel Athyrium. Mellka was raised by both her parents – her father, a Penarch born human researcher and her mother an Aelfrin refugee from Eshteni as well as the entire staff of the Athyrium for the five years she lived there. The scientists and relief engineers aboard the vessel loved Mellka and she became a favourite adopted daughter due to her curiosity with the researchers themselves and the research undertaken. When the star was beginning to be darkened by the Varelsi, Mellka’s parents were a part of the relief effort on the planet of Farhallim and due to the unusual nature of the planet being darkened they did not make escape and had their lives cut short. Despite having an intense emotional response to this event and developing a strong hatred for the Varelsi and desire for revenge, she exhibits extraordinary reflexes and a sharp mind. It is of a recommendation that specialised attention be given to Mellka and her development as she could be a candidate for higher offices within the Eldrid Vigilant when she reaches a certain age.

Before the Eldrid planet of Codex was darkened, Vigilant Operative Mellka was able to recover the bio-gauntlet known as The Fist. As befits her curious and aggressive nature, Mellka has begun to utilise the gauntlet in field and has managed to tap into the linked neural control abilities. It has been noticed that the gauntlet and Mella are never separated and suspicion has been placed that The Fist has moulded to her arm due to her mixed lineage. Has been observed that The Fist has slightly changed shape and this gives credence to the fact that it has grafted itself to Mellka’s arm. As a result of The Fist being an artifact of the Observers it has the capability of granting access to the Observer neural info net and it is unknown whether Mellka has discovered this function as of yet.

In the year 19954, the Pact of the Dying that held the factions in an uneasy truce was dissolved  with the betrayal of the Jennerit under the leadership of Rendain. The first battle of the war, located at Jennar was lost due to the surprising betrayal of Rendain and his Jennerit troops. Ghalt realises that they need the help of all the factions in order to succeed and he is positive he can bring in the UPR as well as Reyna and her Rogues. A definite ally was with Deande if they could get her off Tempest after her betrayal of Rendain, which Mellka was not happy with. Mellka had an intense dislike of Deande due to her remaining as head Spymistress when Rendain betrayed the factions. However she promised that she could help delay Rendain, long enough to save the last star. Ghalt realises that in order to actually save Solus, they would need the help of all the factions so a small team would be needed for precision strikes which would later be known as the Battleborn. Mellka is sent to rescue Deande.

Fast forward three years to 19957 when the Battle of Penarch occurred. Saw the appearance of a swarm of Conservators in the final days of the battle of which boded ill for the good guys. Conservators are one of the most deadly types of Varelsi due to their innate ability to generate portals in order to summon other Varelsi troops from other worldly staging areas. Due to this ability, an individual or a unit has to fight through dozens if not hundreds of Varelsi in order to get a clear shot at the Conservator. Vigilant Operative Mellka Hyenyota defeated seven Conservators on her own. This led to the only known examples of Conservator corpses for study due to them being so badly damaged and broken that their inherent death disintegration did not activate. On top of this, over 200 Skulk and Scaven kills were attributed to Mellka and the same reports described Mellka as entering into a berserker type battle rage that increased in intensity as the battle increased. The bio-gauntlet she wears, The Fist was seen to alter shapes and elongate on occasion showing her to be a capable and violent warrior. In other more peaceful Aeons, there may have been seen a recommendation for Mellka’s removal and containment but as of now, her rage should be honed. Could her rage however be attributed to not only losing her parents but fighting on the home planet of her deceased father? No one knows and she will not tell.

 Weapon of Choice

Her weapon of choice is a modified TX – Series Machine Pistol that is designed to disperse toxins at a rapid rate. These specialised toxins have the ability to destabilise atom sub-structures in a localised area that reaches lethal concentrations in seconds. There is also a suspicion that Mellka has set up an M1-Minion unit to serve as a local fabricator for the specialised venom bullets that has a likeliness of a Varelsi on the side of them. The TX Machine Pistol is a medium to close range weapon that delivers impressive damage and when the Pistol is reloaded it fires an explosive canister of venom that envenomates your foes. The canister only really hits your target if you are at a close range and if you are at a middle or long range it will explode into nothing.

Ideal Role

Mellka Hyenyota is a fast moving and hard hitting Battleborn. Designed to enter into the fray rapidly and deliver her signature venom in order to eliminate her opponents. Mellka is an assassin of the upfront variety and if used well she can charge her way into the midst of heated battle and escape unscathed. Her Machine Pistol is perfect for those mid and close range engagements, as at long distances most of her shots will miss. On top of this, she is equipped with a spike attack that can launch her out of harms way into the air and these spikes can be also tinged with venom. This prevents her from getting swarmed as much. Utilise Mellka well and she will be death incarnate and as such you will have no problems putting down your enemies.


Mellka’s abilities consist of;

Passive/Venom Canister : Mellka’s Machine Pistol ejects an explosive canister of venom when reloaded. Enemies afflicted with venom suffer damage over 8 seconds

Weapon/Custom Machine Pistol : Mellka’s Machine Pistol deals rapid fire damage at medium range

Talent/Eldrid Operative : Mellka can unleash a secondary attack on nearby enemies with her powerful melee combo, dealing bonus damage to enemies covered in venom

Skill 1/Claw Lunge : Lunges forward a short distance for a powerful claw strike dealing 134 damage. Enemies covered in venom take additional bonus damage

Skill 2/Spike : Charges a burst of energy that deals up to 200 damage to nearby enemies and launches Mellka into the air

Ultimate/Blade Launcher : Unleashes a barrage of laced blades covering targets in venom and dealing 167 damage with each hit

Perk Choices

Rank One

*Hobbling Strike : Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 seconds duration

*Hobbling Spike : Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3 seconds slow duration

Rank Two

*Parting Gift : Spike leaves behind an area of effect that covers nearby enemies with venom on the initial hit and deals damage over time. +20 damage per second over 5 seconds

*(MUTATION)Spike Vault : Activating Spike now propels Mellka forward

*Lift Off : Increases Mellka’s Spike height

Rank Three

*Air Stall : Mellka’s quick melee attack deals increased damage and propels her backwards. Can be used once every 3 seconds. +50% damage

*Frag Canister : Reloading Custom Machine Pistol ejects a Venom Canister that fragments into smaller projectiles shortly after launch

Rank Four

*Blade Ejection : Claw Lunge launches a blade at the end of the lunge dealing additional damage. +50 damage

*(MUTATION)Action Reload : Using Claw Lunge refills Mellka’s Custom Machine Pistol

*Tactical Withdrawl : If Mellka hits a target with Claw Lunge, she will bounce backwards

Rank Five

*Adrenaline Rush : Meleeing enemies afflicted with venom increases Mellka’s health regeneration rate for a short time. +7 health regeneration rate for 4 seconds

*(MUTATION)Enemies killed while afflicted with venom will explode dealing damage and spreading venom to nearby targets

*Eldrid Rhythm : Killing an enemy afflicted with venom grants a stack of increased health (to a maximum of 10 stacks). Health stacks are reset upon death. +30 maximum health per stack

Rank Six

*Spike Burst : Increases Spike’s area of effect radius. This also increases Parting Gift’s area of effect radius. +50% area of effect radius

*Desperate Lunge : Decreases Claw Lunge’s cooldown on enemy kill. +Up to -50% cooldown time

Rank Seven

*Power Spike : Mellka switches to a more deadly form of venom that increases her Spike’s damage. This also increases Parting Gift’s damage. +15 damage

*Second Wind : The cooldown for Spike is lowered based on Mellka’s remaining health. Up to -40% cooldown time

Rank Eight

*Refined Canisters : Increases Machine Pistol’s magazine size. Mellka’s bullets also apply venom to targets. +10 clip size

*(MUTATION)Potent Toxins : Increases the duration of venom. +4 seconds duration

*Thrill of the Night : When a new target is afflicted with venom, Mellka’s movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% movement speed for 5 seconds

Rank Nine

*Feral Strike : Activating Claw Lunge increases Mellka’s melee attack speed for a short time. +20% melee attack speed for 8 seconds

*Finishing Blow : Claw Lunge deals increased damage. +15% damage

Rank Ten

*Blade Storm : Blade Launcher’s blades bounce off of the environment and home in on envenomated enemies instead of exploding on impact

*(MUTATION)Pool Shot : Each shot from Blade Launcher explodes on contact and leaves a Parting Gift damage pool if it hits the ground

*All In : Blade Launcher fires a single, powerful shot, dealing heavy damage to one target. +500 damage

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