Destiny Subclass Guide : Defender

The Defender Titan embodies almost everything the Titan class stands for, being on the front lines and presenting an implacable and unrelenting front to the enemy. The Defender stands resolute with its shield of deadly void light and waits for the Darkness to clash head on into them. Nothing can break their resolve or their shields.


One of the most important things in relation to your Defender subclass is the grenades of which there are three types;

Magnetic Grenade
This grenade awards a steady hand and  little bit of focus. Its main draw is the fact that it can be stuck to an adversary after which it explodes twice. These two explosions deal significantly more damage to your enemy if you manage to stick it to them, as the force of the explosion is dealt inwards towards your opponent. The Magnetic Grenade will still do a reasonable amount of damage if you treat it like an ordinary explosive grenade but you are losing lot of wasted potential. If you utilise this grenade you have to attempt to go for the sticky shots. In the Crucible, if you manage to get this grenade stuck onto your enemy, then it is almost a guaranteed kill, depending on their shield/overshield. On top of this, any other enemies that are around the initial victim of the sticky grenade will take more damage than if it had exploded off the ground.

Spike Grenade
This grenade requires some placement and can be tricky to get right. Spike Grenades emit a torrent of damage dealing void light away from the surface it was attached to. Therefore, if it is stuck to the floor, it will deal damage almost straight up. This is of course affected by the angle of its attachment as well. This grenade has more of a PVE feel, as it does not deliver the explosive and rapid damages of the other grenades and can be quite easily avoided by an alert Guardian. However the stream of void light that issues forth can damage multiple enemies at once as well as prevent enemies from advancing to a certain point, at least for a time. So it has some utility in objective based matches and great potential in PVE.

Suppression Grenade
Ahh the Suppression Grenade, one of the most popular Defender grenades that are available. Suppression Grenades have the ability to, well cancel any opponents abilities for a short time. This effectively nullifies any skill that requires Light to be used such as your melee attack, grenade and Super itself. It also serves to cancel out any opposing Supers that are in progress which makes it quite deadly. On top of this, the Suppression Grenade deals quite a nasty explosive punch that can take out a fair chunk of an adversaries health. You will know if you have been suppressed due to the bluish-purple haze that tinges your screen. However a word of caution, just because it is your grenade doesn’t mean you are immune to its effects so make sure to throw it away from you so you aren’t caught in the blast and suppressed yourself. Use this grenade wisely.


The Melee attack for the steadfast Defender is known as Disintegrate and it has a powerful punch that can send unfortunate victims to the depths of the abyssal void a bit sooner than they anticipated. If you gain a kill with Disintegrate it also has the added bonus of shrouding the Defender in a blue shield of sorts, known as Force Barrier, which absorbs incoming damage for 15 seconds. There are three perks that alter this ability and they are;

 -War Machine : While Force Barrier is active, all your weapons reload and ready blindingly fast

-Gift of Light : When the shield generated by Disintegrate is active all your melee kills generate Orbs of Light

-Unbreakable : Force Barrier continually recharges


The particular style of motion unique to the Titan class is an almost aggressive lift technique that elevates their entire bodies in a singular motion. If activated from a standstill it will carry you straight up higher than any of the other classes of Guardian can reach. If you are moving either forward or backward it will push you forward into the fray like the juggernaut of the Light you are. Lift brings forth the power and strength that infuses within a Titan and pushes it outward. However this can be a clunky movement style but can still allow for pinpoint landings with an experienced hand. But a word of caution, unlike the Warlock and Hunter whose particular movement style can stop a fall instantly, the Titan Lift requires a little extra time to come to a standstill. In this regard, you will want to allow for a greater distance between the ground and you when trying to slow down. There are three perks that alter the way your Defender propels itself through the world and they are;

>Increased Height : Upgrades Lift to travel to greater heights

>Increased Control : Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air

>Catapult : Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum


The Super for the unstoppable and resolute Defender is known as Ward of Dawn. Your Guardian pushes forth all the built up void energy within them into this perfectly spherical shield that no bullets can pass through. It is a perfect way to give your Guardian a breath during a heated battle as well as being a rally point and safe haven for an increased push into the midst of the Darkness. When a Ward of Dawn is active, it is symbolic of the intense strength of the Light against any forces that wish to overcome it. There are perks that change the way your Ward of Dawn will affect you and any friendly Guardians and they are;

Armor of Light : While inside Ward of Dawn, you and your allies gain significant damage resistance. This is the optimal perk if you wish to remain inside the Ward, either to let yourself recover or to await enemies that may rush you while you stand within it. The overshield you and your allied Guardians gain only remains if you stay inside the Ward of Dawn so ensure that you stay within.

Blessing of Light : Passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a temporary shield. This perk is one of the go to choices for any Defender as you do not have to remain within the bubble to make use of the extra shield, all you have to do is dip into the Ward of Dawn and you will have your overshield. A bonus to this is that the overshield can be renewed by just popping back into the Ward so you can remain heavily shielded until a little after the Ward of Dawn fades. Blessing of Light is a great bonus in a Crucible context as opposing Guardians have to work a little harder to eliminate you and your team and having that extra shield can be more than enough to crush your opponents if used effectively.

Weapons of Light : Passing through Ward of Dawn gives you and your allies a temporary increase to weapon damage. This is the most offensive capability of a Ward of Dawn as after passing through the bubble, every weapon, no matter the type does an increased amount of damage allowing you to cut through them with ease. Weapons of Light sacrifices your Wards overshield generating capacity though so enemies can still eliminate you quickly, so it is up to your Guardians that you use the boon to your weapon damage correctly and end them before they end you.

The Perks of Being a Defender

There are a number of perks that change your embodiment of a void bastion Defender into a unique powerhouse. These are divided into physical and ability perks;


-Titan Codex I : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Titan Codex II : Training focused on speed and toughness

-Titan Codex III : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Titan Codex IV : Training focused on all attributes

-Titan Codex V : Training focused on maximum battle recovery

-Titan Codex VI : Training focused on raw speed


-Bastion : Increases the duration of Ward of Dawn to 45 seconds

-Relentless : Increases the duration and strength of the Force Barrier created by Disintegrate. The duration is increased five seconds and is stackable with No Backup Plans.

-Gift of the Void : As Ward of Dawn takes damage from enemy fire it creates additional Orbs of Light

-Untouchable : Reduces the cooldown time of Ward of Dawn

-Iron Harvest : Heavy weapon kills have a chance to create Orbs of Light for your allies

-Illuminated : Increases the benefits granted by Weapons of Light and Blessing of Light

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