Destiny Subclass Guide : Sunbreaker

The Sunbreaker. A hero resplendent with intense flames that flicker and rage against all enemies of the Light. These Guardians pool all their fire and their aggression into their hammers. These blunt objects fuelled with the inferno and smash all opponents into oblivion. Make no mistake, when the gong of a newly active Sunbreaker sounds, death will surely follow.


In order to spread terror and destruction over the landscape, you will first need your grenade of which there are 3 types;

Fusion Grenade
Like the other sticky grenade types that exist for other Guardian subclasses, the Fusion Grenade is suited to those who prefer to wait for the right moment to toss it in order to achieve maximum damage. This grenade causes bonus damage when attached to its target which allows for a guaranteed kill almost every single time, presuming you have a steady hand. Fusion Grenades deal an impressive amount of damage when just exploding in general but in many ways, it may fall short of damage and so not get you the kill you need. This particular grenade is designed to set and forget, if you manage to attach it to your enemy, it will rip them apart in a solar blaze of glory quite rapidly. The Fusion Grenade definitely has more of a PVP feel to it due to the main point of damage being directed towards a singular target, which in PVE could be quite a waste.

Thermite Grenade
With the Thermite Grenade, on impact a burning line of fire spreads out in a straight line from the initial impact point. This grenade has more PVE applications due to the width of the damage dealing field and as such the line of fire can damage multiple enemies at once. In PVP, this grenade has some utility but it isn’t classed as a highly competitive grenade. This is due to the lower damage due to it spreading out over a large area and the unpredictability of the actual line of fire. Just like the Voidwall Grenade of the Nightstalker, the Thermite seems to unfold in a horizontal manner from your position if it does not collide with any obstacles. If its does bounce off anything in the environment it appears to unfold in a randomised way. However in the Crucible, your Guardian may get a fair few kills with the Thermite Grenade if you are using it to finish off weakened Guardians or boxing in Guardians hiding behind cover.

Incendiary Grenade
The Incendiary Grenade is almost a textbook type of grenade, in that it gets thrown and explodes dealing damage to any within its radius. However this grenade has a lethal side effect, in that any opposing force caught within the initial blast will be lit on fire that deals additional damage to them over a short period of time. This grenade is quite a deadly one as the initial blast, depending on the distance from your target, can outright kill them and if they are close by and survive, you can almost guarantee that the solar burn damage will finish them off . Incendiary Grenades can damage multiple targets and bestow the burn damage upon each of them, as well as taking out significant portions of health and/or killing them. In this regard, Incendiary Grenades are perfect for both PVP and PVE.


The raging Sunbreaker utilises a melee attack known as Sunstrike, which ignites any enemies to your power, with a heavy solar strike. Sunstrike pours all the power and boundless energy of the Sun and the solar power it gives off, into a single focal point that is unleashed when your Sunbreaker delivers that hefty punch. There are three perks that alter the Sunstrike and they are;

-Melting Point : Burn away your targets defence. Targets take more damage from both you and your allies

-Thermal Vent : Sunstrike unleashes a solar explosion on hit. Kills create a Sunspot that damages enemies inside

-Stoke the Forge : Natively reduces the cooldown of the Sunstrike melee. Getting a kill with Sunstrike instantly recharges it


The particular style of motion unique to the Titan class is an almost aggressive lift technique that elevates their entire bodies in a singular motion. If activated from a standstill it will carry you straight up higher than any of the other classes of Guardian can reach. If you are moving either forward or backward it will push you forward into the fray like the juggernaut of the Light you are. Lift brings forth the power and strength that infuses within a Titan and pushes it outward. However this can be a clunky movement style but can still allow for pinpoint landings with an experienced hand. But a word of caution, unlike the Warlock and Hunter whose particular movement style can stop a fall instantly, the Titan Lift requires a little extra time to come to a standstill. In this regard, you will want to allow for a greater distance between the ground and you when trying to slow down. There are three perks that alter the way your Sunbreaker carries itself through the world and they are;

-Increased Height : Upgrades Lift to travel to greater height

-Increased Control : Upgrades Lift for better directional control while in the air

-Catapult : Upgrades Lift to provide a strong initial burst of momentum


The Super for the aggressive and stalwart Sunbreaker is called Hammer of Sol. Your Guardian summons the manifestation of a small hammer composed completely of Solar Light, with which you hurl towards your enemies and cleanse them with the power and pain that the solar Light brings. A Sunbreaker’s hammers can be thrown a considerable distance and take out distant threats and with the explosive nature of the thrown hammers, enemies that are grouped close together will meet the same unfortunate end. In this way, the Sunbreaker can clear out large groups of opponents in seconds and clear the way for your allies to move forward. The perks that change your hammers and their explosive potential are as follows;

Forgemaster : Throw more hammers and hammers cause bigger explosions. This one speaks for itself, as each hammer thrown does not consume as much Super energy as it usually would allowing you to have increased damage output and get more kills under your belt. The larger explosions are once again increasing your damage output but in an indirect way from the main manifestation of your Super. As your hammers impact the environment as well as your targets, the larger size of the impact explosions leads to a greater amount of splash damage which can get you a little bit closer to taking out your adversaries. This perk has both Crucible and PVE applications because the main purpose of the Super is damage dealing, and as such who wouldn’t want to put out as much damage as possible with their Super?

Suncharge : Press R1 or RB during Hammer of Sol to hurl yourself forward. Enemies in your path explode chaining fiery damage to other enemies. This perk is for the Sunbreaker who wishes to get up close and personal with this roaming Super. Suncharge is essentially a Striker Shoulder Charge but with a solar tinge to it rather than an arc one and just like Shoulder Charge every successful impact your Sunbreaker makes will result in a kill. The fiery chaining ability has more of a PVP feel to it as opposed to PVE as it is more practical that you will run into one on one encounters in the Crucible as opposed to a PVE environment. Suncharge allows for that quick motion to eliminate the opposing Guardian and move on with the charge. In PVE it would just be easier to launch a hammer and get multiple kills at once.

Scorched Earth : Ignite the world, creating Sunspots everywhere your Hammer of Sol impacts. This particular perk turns the childhood fantasies of the floor being lava into a reality. Every time your Hammer impacts the environment,a circular plume of fire erupts at that location. These Sunspots deal damage to anyone who is unfortunate to step in them or even those who get too close. In this regard, it makes your enemies easier to finish off, due to its damage dealing effect and may even eliminate enemies lucky enough to survive the initial hammer impact. If your Guardian was considering utilising this perk, it would be useful to also select any additional perks throughout the Sunbreaker skill tree that increase the lethality and beneficence of the Sunspots.

The Perks of Being a Sunbreaker

There are a series of perks, both physical and ability related that change the way your simmering Sunbreaker reacts in battle. They are as follows;


-Titan Codex I : Training focused on battle recovery and toughness

-Titan Codex II : Training focused on speed and toughness

-Titan Codex III : Training focused on battle recovery and speed

-Titan Codex IV : Training focused on all attributes

-Titan Codex V : Training focused on maximum battle recovery

-Titan Codex VI : Training focused on raw speed


-Flameseeker : Your Hammer of Sol will alter its flightpath to seek out your enemies

-Explosive Pyre : Enemies felled by your hammer explode, chaining fiery Solar damage to others

-Fleetfire : Enemies brought down by your fire grant you bonus agility and reload speed for a short time. Stacks up to 3 times

-Simmering Flames : When Super energy is full, grenade and melee abilities charge twice as fast

-Cauterize : Enemies brought down by your fire regenerate your health

-Fire Keeper : When standing in a Sunspot, you gain an Overshield and Hammer of Sol lasts longer

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