Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 – What Has Been Revealed


As fans of the Dishonored series know, the first game centred around the redemption and revenge of Corvo Attano who sought to clear his name after being framed for the murder of the Empress Jessamine.

Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the death of the Lord Regent, follows the story of both Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin, the daughter of Jessamine as they seek to restore Emily to her rightful throne. This is required due to an otherworldly usurper overthrowing her and taking the throne of Dunwall. Armed as either one of these two protagonists, you will travel to the once dazzling coastal city of Karnaca, which coincidently holds the key to restoring Emily to power. As pictured above, you will utilise the Mark of the Outsider and the gifts it provides and you will alter the way your Empire is both run and remembered.

Also exciting is the possibility for more than two different endings to the game so ensure that you make your choices wisely.


As mentioned above, Dishonored 2 will have two playable characters which include Corvo Attano, the protagonist for Dishonored as well as Emily Kaldwin, the Empress of the Empire of the Isles. Both of these characters will feature their own unique weapons, gadgets and powers so there is more to consider than just the gender you wish to play as.However choose wisely as you will not be able to swap in and out of these two characters as you play through. Whoever you initially choose to play as is who you are stuck with. To determine how the other character views and acts around the environment, you will need to begin a second playthrough. On top of this, both Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano will be fully voiced by Stephen Russell while Emily will be voiced by Erica Luttrell. Providing the formerly mute characters of the dishonored world with a voice will allow for slightly easier navigation around the game world as well as to help create a more emotional attachment to the protagonists.

New Location

Moving away from the majestic city of Dunwall, you and your rag tag pair of assassins will head to a coastal city known as Karnaca which is present on the island of Serkonos, a fair bit south of the dingy, rat infested arena we called home in Dishonored 1. This city has a reputation of not only being the birthplace of Corvo, but it is also the source of the corrupted bone charms which provided the player with special upgrades. Based on the viewing of the trailer, Karnaca and Serkonos appears to be a combination of rural and urban environments which could provide many hidden surprises and tricks throughout the missions. One thing that does excite me is the colour of this new locale. Dunwall, while being quite interesting and intricate in its design, was not the most cheerful place and could sometimes get monotonous with the dreary overtone so this will be a welcome change.


It would not be Dishonored if we did not have a spree of powers to choose from and we will not be disappointed. It has been hinted that, while Corvo will not have his full spread of powers he gained from The Outsider, there will be upgrade trees to alter how we traverse the world and eliminate the enemies of Emily and Corvo. He will be returning with his signature Blink which was a short range teleport which will make long time fans of Dishonored, quite happy. There will also be an old/new power available to both Corvo and Emily which will allow you to possess animals initially but as you upgrade it, gain the ability to possess flying animals, people and even corpses. There is even an upgrade called Chain Possession which will allow you to jump from target to target which could be immensely useful in a variety of situations.

Going to Emily, within the trailer we are given a view of a couple of her powers as she chases down Kirin. First is a Blink-like ability which involves a tentacle lancing out and launching her to its location. This is known as Far Reach and can be used not just as a transport device but is able to launch barrels into enemies or throw them off cliffs. The Outsider has also gifted her with the same ability he gave the Corvo in relation to stopping time. It is clearly seen as she battles the Clockwork Soldiers where she stops time and destroys them with an explosive crossbow bolt. The final ability revealed for Emily is her ability to turn into a large Shadow monster that is able to not only traverse long distances in a rapid fashion but is able to dole out large amounts of damage without difficulty.

However one of the most interesting additions for Dishonored 2 is the ability to play with no additions. Dishonored 2, comes with a specialised mode, known as Flesh and Steel which is activated if, Emily turns down the Outsiders offer. Thats right, you can up the difficulty for yourself and opt to not gain any supernatural powers and fight through the campaign with nothing but your wit, skill and a little bit of luck. This will be definitely worth trying out.


Arkane Studios, it appears have made quite a beautiful and interactive world but it would not be complete without some horrors to turn this beautiful story of revenge into a literal hellscape. It appears that we will be getting a whole new scope of enemies that are going to inhabit the world and attempt to assassinate the assassins. First up is the Oracular Order which appears to be a female version of the Abbey of the Everyman. The Abbey, as we know were the religious order in control of Dunwall that opposed The Outsider as a hostile force. Seeming as the Outsider is up to his old tricks I think it is safe to assume there is going to be some form of opposition to him and his disciples once again.

In the trailer we are given a truly horrible glimpse at a fleshy hive coming out of a corpse on the streets of Karnaca, from within which was a bug like creature, possibly known as a Bloodfly. These could be minor annoyances within the world or it could balloon out of control as we are attacked by swarms of them. But it definitely shows the blurring of the urban and the rural.

There is a point within the trailer where some white clothed guards are in the process of executing civilians. There are two points of info for potential new enemies here. The first are the white clad guards themselves. It could quite possibly be that these individuals are the Grand Guard which act as the City Watch for Karnaca. It is fair to assume that these individuals will be all over the place and could be quite a nuisance for some players. The second point is the graffiti on the wall behind the unfortunate civilians which states, “Death to the Duke”. A couple of questions are raised at this point about who this mysterious Duke is. Is he the otherwordly usurper that stole the throne from Emily or is he more of a front man. We will have to wait and see.

The final, most explicit and interesting enemy for this new game would have to be the Clockwork Soldiers. You know those nasty steampunk robots that almost sliced and diced Emily up as she attempted to take out that tinkering guy with the popped collar. They appear to move at incredible speeds, are able to rotate their bodies and have cameras on their backs, enabling them to see behind them as well as in front. They were created by Kirin Jindosh, the popped collar guy, who happens to work for the Duke of Serkonos, and they both patrol the streets of Karnaca as well as guard his personal estate.

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