Everything you need to know about Xbox One

 Xbox One S

 The Xbox One S is a variation of the Xbox One line of consoles and will be released on an unspecified day within August 2016. It will feature up to 2TB of hard drive space and this will retail in Australia for $549. It has a spree of features that are in many ways an improvement on the original Xbox One such as the reduced size. The Xbox One S is 40% smaller in size than the original Xbox One and coupled with that, the bulky power brick has now become internalised inside the console. This means no more finding a place to hide it behind entertainment centres or placing it on the floor as it will be within the console itself. The Xbox One S can be placed into a vertical position if you buy the appropriate stand for it which allows it to not only fit into many different niches but also brings back even more space saving capabilities as the Xbox One does take up a fair bit of space.

As we all know with every kind of technology, especially gaming consoles, is that they can overheat. The original Xbox One had a series of diagonal lines down one half of the console in order to disperse the heat but the Xbox One S seems to have improved on this design with holes covering half of the console and a large circular section underneath to assist with the cooling. One of the three USB ports is present on the front of the console rather than the side as is the controller sync button. The Xbox One S supports 4K Ultra HD which provides better quality for apps such as Netflix as well as any Blu-Ray playback.

In relation to the attachments of the Xbox One S, Kinect is no longer a default option and it appears as if Xbox and Microsoft are moving away from the motion and voice activated technologies. While Kinect does not have a dedicated port it can still be connected through a specialised USB adapter so if you are a fan of Kinect, have no fear. Now on to the controller itself, which now has bluetooth capabilities so you can utilise your controller with all sorts of bluetooth enabled devices such as your PC and hopefully your phones as well. It comes with an inbuilt 3.5mm headphone jack however you will not be able to utilise the bluetooth function with the jack. It will also have grip pads on the back of the handles as well as sturdier joysticks.

 Project Scorpio

While there is not much known about the next Xbox project some details have been both released and speculated about in such a way that gamers and technology enthusiasts alike have been able to garner some information.

First off, is that it will be released sometime during the holiday season of 2017 which means it may be on many Christmas lists all around the world. The price still remains a secret but it will probably be priced a little bit above the Xbox One in order to maintain competitive pricing. It is linked to have 6 teraflops of processing power which would make it significantly more powerful than both the Xbox One as well as the upcoming Playstation Neo. Perhaps that is the reason for the delayed release, as the technology is still being developed and refined. It will also be able to render at 60 hertz so that means fully uncompressed pixels will be rendered and 320 GB per second memory bandwidth. On top of this, it will be built in with 8 CPU cores which is the same as the Xbox One so they will most likely be upgraded to a significant degree.

As for its gaming capabilities, you will be able to play games at 4K Ultra HD which will showcase a new layer of immersion and so a greater gaming experience. Project Scorpio will also have the capability for Virtual Reality. This is evidenced by a statement by Todd Howard, who is the creative director at Bethesda, wherein he mentioned that a Virtual Reality version of Fallout 4 will be released for the Scorpio.

Xbox Design Lab

One of the more exciting features coming to Xbox users quite soon is the ability to build and customise your own controllers. You will be able to customise the colours of almost all the parts of the controller including the D-pad, shoulder trigger, front and back panels. On top of this, for a small additional additional fee you can get a phrase or word engraved onto the controller. This is done via laser etching. You can also provide a name to your unique design as there will apparently be 8 million different colour combinations. As for the price, it will run around $80 but these prices are presumably US so for Australians it will probably be closer to the $100 mark. That is when it arrives to Australia, because for the time being, the Xbox Design Lab is only going to be available in the USA and Canada.

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