Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Eternal Warrior

Absolute, unflinching resolve 

This exotic helmet, known as the Eternal Warrior is once again for the Striker Titan (they get all the good stuff). The exotic perk, Resolute, provides your Guardian with the Striker perk Unstoppable, for free. Unstoppable makes your Titan a bit harder to kill when using your Fist of Havoc. This damage buff lasts during the leap and landing animation of your Super or in essence, the entire time your Titan is in third person mode. There is nothing worse than being killed mid Super. It has been felt by most likely, every individual Guardian ever to grace the Tower or the fields of the Crucible. This exotic gives you the chance to complete your Fist of Havoc in relative safety, especially if you wish to launch yourself straight into the heart of a large group of dangerous enemies. However the Eternal Warrior may not be the exotic to go for in competitive Crucible competitions largely due to lack of use it may see. While it is true that every Guardian and even Striker Titans can be shot down, Fist of Havoc is a rapid motion that is quite hard to defend against even without Unstoppable. For this reason it may be more practical to select another exotic armour piece that provides you with a much more considerable buff.

The Eternal Warrior appears to have been ripped out of the fabric of time and solidified into almost solid metal. With all the detail that comprises the ‘face’ faceplate it looks like the helmet itself is just a weathered old warrior, albeit with a few cracks along the exterior. One of the main features of which you cannot see in the above photo is a metal crest, similar to that of the Helm of Saint-14, that is reminiscent of Ancient Roman Legionnaires. It is very old school and quite amazing to look at. However this helmet does have a weird look to it with the frozen face staring back at you with its hollow eyes that it can be kinda creepy. Altogether though it is quite an interesting exotic helmet.

How to Acquire it?
The Eternal Warrior can be gained from an exotic helmet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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