Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Fabian Strategy

Wait for the enemy to make a mistake. Die. Stand by for Ghost resurrection. Repeat as necessary. 

The Fabian Strategy was designed for the Titan willing to wait for the perfect moment to strike and then attack relentlessly and without mercy. Banshee-44 designed and built this weapon of attrition when the knowledge of the Fabian Strategy was brought to his attention by the Cryptarch. This strategy consists of waiting for an enemy to make a mistake and then attacking without pause in order to overcome your opponents. Banshee saw a connection clearly than the Cryptarch did while trying to decipher the mysteries of Plutarch and Fabius Maximus because with Ghost revival possible, the attack could be unending and terrible.

The Fabian Strategy is a fast firing auto rifle meant for up close and personal engagements. It does not have the range to challenge far off opponents and as such, requires your Guardian to get in close and obliterate them. This is helped along by its exotic perk, Front Lines which provides the weapon with increased handling, rate of fire and stability when enemies are close. This is the ultimate front lines weapon as it turns into a powerhouse of death dealing. It becomes easier to use and fire while close to an enemy which can mow them down without much difficulty or time. However this weapon is not the best kind of exotic for a PVP scenario. This is mainly due to the erratic recoil and low range of this gun. It can be very hard to score kills with this gun at anything other than close ranges where you can be bested by a shotgun or any of the primary types. While the increased stats when enemies are close by, markedly boosts this auto rifles ability, it will see more utility and success in a PVE element, where there is less danger to getting in real close with adds.

This exotic has a rather unique and powerful feel to it, despite being on the smaller side. The main draw is the barricades on either side of the muzzle which showcase it as needing a little cover while fighting due to being on the front lines. On top of this, the orange and brown design coupled with the iron sights classify it as being quite a practical style of weapon as opposed to gaudy and ‘blinged up’.

How to Acquire it?
This gun can be gained by getting to Rank 3 with the gunsmith on a Titan guardian. It unlocks the quest which requires you to firstly get 100 kills with an auto rifle while a primary telemetry is active. Then you have to dismantle rare and legendary auto rifles in order to get to 10 weapon parts. A blue auto rifle gives you 2 weapon parts and a legendary auto rifle is 5 weapon parts. After you collect these parts return to Banshee-44 and get your new Fabian Strategy.

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