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Exotic Review : Gjallarhorn

“If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?” – Feizel Crux 

The Gjallarhorn was forged out of the remnants of the armour from fallen Guardians who fell at the Battle of Twilight Gap. That battle was a major Fallen assault on the outskirts of the city at the Twilight Gap with which the Houses Devils, Kings and Winter banded together and attempted to retake the Traveller from the Guardians. Many Guardians fell during that battle and out of honour to those heroes that died, protecting the Last City and the Traveller, Feizel Crux took their armour and crafted this remarkable shoulder mounted rocket system. The Gjallarhorn is now a symbol of both honour and survival.

Ah the Gjallarhorn. The rocket launcher that initiated thousands upon thousands of excitement filled screams when the exotic icon of this weapon appeared on their screens. The Gjallarhorn is in a league of its own and its optimal mostly for PVE applications, particularly against Ultra level enemies against which it performs admirably. This rocket launcher has two main perks and they combine to create one of the most overpowered pieces of weaponry. The first, Tracking, is fairly self explanatory as the shells fired will follow the targets you honed in on. The second perk is Wolfpack Rounds, which causes every single round fired from Gjallarhorn to split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation. This allows you to burn through Ultras as you are dealing two or three times the initial impact damage which is astonishing. The Gjallarhorn is more of a PVE weapon though, as you won’t get an incredible amount of use of the exotic perks while in the Crucible modes. Because even if an enemy Guardian was close enough to your target to be the focus of Wolfpack Rounds, the initial rocket blast most likely would have killed them. For PVE, this exotic is king and it is greatly recommended to utilise the Gjallarhorn for most boss encounters as well as just killing large groups of adds.

The Gjallarhorn is a singularly beautiful creation with its classic gold, black and white look that should in theory be quite simplistic but make this weapon of destruction into an elegant work of art. We have the moulded remains of fallen Guardians armour that have been inlaid and overlaid with intricate designs that showcase the huge amount of time put into its creation. On top of this the black barrel of the weapon presents a degree of separation and excitement as it adds a stark contrast to the lighter gold and white colours that cover the rest of the rocket. However the definite main draw is the stylised wolf head on top of the gun above the barrel. The wolf represents the Iron Lords that fought and protected the City at Twilight Gap and their legendary exploits. Wolves are superior hunters so it is a worthy comparison.

How to Acquire it?
The Gjallarhorn, at the moment can only be gained when Xur comes around to the Tower or Reef and has an exotic heavy LEGACY engram. This will give you a Year 1 version of the weapon at Year 1 levels. However do not despair because it is confirmed that in Year 3, beginning with Rise of Iron, Gjallarhorn will be coming back into our lives at fully charged levels. It has been confirmed that Gjallarhorn will be attained by Guardians in a new and specialised exotic quest that requires us to forge our own Gjallarhorn. However, it is recommended pre-ordering the Rise of Iron expansion as you will get access to the Iron Gjallarhorn which decks it out in black and silver metal and chrome. Truly Ironed up. You will still be required to complete the exotic quest in order to gain the weapon but when you complete it you will have a different colouration to it.

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