Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Icebreaker

Please replace these components if use causes fatal damage. HEAT SINK. MAGAZINE. OPERATOR. 

The development of the Ice Breaker was a specialised, secretive project done by the Vanguard in conjunction with numerous city weapon foundries. It was undertaken as an exploration of Golden Age technology and the modifications that could be applied to them present day. However the entire project was scrapped before any more than one had reached the testing phase. They are still out there though. Scattered prototypes of the Ice Breaker are falling into Guardians hands despite the discouragement of the Vanguard. What is death to a Guardian?

The Ice Breaker is the perfect sniper rifle for any Guardian who wishes to stay back away from the bulk of the action and just take enemies out from a safe distance. The exotic perk, Ice breaker causes every victim of Ice Breaker, regardless of where the killing blow lands to spontaneously combust dealing damage to enemies around them. This perk is essentially Firefly but without the need for scoring a precision shot. But wait there is more,  the main draw of Ice Breaker is the perk known as No Backpack which sacrifices the ability of Ice Breaker to be manually reloaded and instead provides it with a regenerating magazine. This means that the Ice Breaker cannot be reloaded and special ammo for this weapon cannot be picked up but after a short while a new round would appear in the magazine. This would repeat until the 6 bullet magazine is full and then it will not regenerate any more ammo until at least one bullet is fired. It is quite a fun and devastating weapon. Due to it being left behind in Year 1, its power levels aren’t able to be upgraded to Year 2 levels so if you wish to take it into Year 2 activities you will have to take care due to your reduced Light Level. However old Raids such as Vault of Glass and Crota’s End will still see some strong use for this exotic. In a PVP sense, this weapon is fantastic, it has the longest range possible and a high impact which will ensure that no Guardian escapes your fiery gaze, assuming that your aim is true. On top of this, the regenerating ammo means you do not have to go hunting for the special ammo crates that are scattered everywhere. A word of caution though, limited time Crucible events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris will take you Light Level in to account so play wisely if you are bringing Ice Breaker into those competitions.

The Ice Breaker has a very strong prototype feel to it, quite understandably. It appears to be unfinished and unplated so to look rather unrefined. The simple red and grey paint job on the body of the weapon contrasts greatly with the rest of the gun and makes it stand out as unique and different. Speaking of the frame, it is larger and of an odd shape, this is most likely due to the scope of Ice Breaker being built into the weapon itself, in a rather unique way. This upgraded technology makes the Ice Breaker hold the largest possible range. The bottom part of the frame, just underneath the start of the barrel, is presumably where the Ice Breaker bullets are regenerated and stored for use so there is probably some kind of charging coil within.

How to Acquire it?
This weapon being left behind in year 1 is not available through conventional methods. In order to gain the Ice Breaker, you will have to wait until Xur arrives, holding a primary LEGACY engram and hope that you get lucky enough to acquire it.


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