Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Immolation Fists

“Don’t let this sacrifice be in vain.”

The Immolation Fists are a pair of Titan gauntlets for the Sunbreaker who wishes to set the world on fire and get the most out of each kill the fiery hammer brings. Immolation Fists, through the exotic perk Accelerant, serve to grant you the Sunbreaker subclass node Explosive Pyre for free. This allows any enemies brought down by your hammers to explode which chains additional solar damage to nearby opponents. In regards to functionality, the Immolation Fists do not do a whole lot in terms of exotic capabilities but they do provide you with another option within that particular ability line. In this regard, wearing these gauntlets, you get two Subclass perks for the price of one (or the price of sacrificing your exotic slot). These gauntlets can have amazing utility in both arenas for the additional solar damage from the explosions have quite a bit of range and so can finish off or weaken any enemies that did not die from your hammers. In PVP the explosive damage may not see much use as oftentimes you encounter lone Guardians or if they are in a group they are not bunched up where the explosive damage could see some use. However that is not to say that they will see no use, as Guardians will bunch up in certain scenarios and some Crucible teams will stay bunched up in a hope to overcome any opposition. With this exotic and the other perk you are now able to choose (may I recommend Tracking), you can clean up the entire team in a blaze of solar glory.

These gauntlets have a highly militaristic feel to them with the hardened armour that covers the shoulderplate and the makes up the vambrace. It fits very well with the design features attributed to the Titan, that being bulky protective armour. By far the main feature of this exotic are what appears to be a series of 8 blue, black and gold canisters that appear to be in the same shape as shotgun shells. However they may in fact be filled with some form of explosive liquid based on the name of the exotic perk, Accelerant. These shells could in fact be filled with a form of volatile fluid that causes the explosions we all know and love when we achieve a kill.

How to Acquire it?
The Immolation Fists can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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