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Exotic Review : Monte Carlo

There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it. 

The Monte Carlo. Stylish, elegant, suave. A true weapon of beauty that was never intended for combat. Originally designed as a showpiece, this auto rifle is more than just a fashion statement. With the right Guardian wielding it, the Monte Carlo puts all the risk at the wrong end of its bayonet.

The Monte Carlo is a mid rate of fire auto rifle with amazing stability and decent range. Its stability is quite wondrous especially for an auto rifle, that it is not difficult to maintain contact with the precision spots on an adversary. The exotic perk on this beautiful weapon is known as Monte Carlo Method which causes any damage you deal with this weapon to reduce your melee cooldown and each kill you achieve with this primary gives you a chance to fully charge your primary. The name of that exotic perk is quite interesting and is actually the namesake of a type of test that rely on a large number of broad randomised tests in order to find occurrences that are quite deterministic in principle. Now this gun revolves around getting your melee up and running as quick as possible in order to maximise damage output. A lot of Guardians however do not prioritise melee recharge and utility as highly as Super and grenade regen, hence why the Strength stat is often left low. However with this exotic, your Guardian can place a focus on high Intellect and Discipline stats while still generating your melee ability quite often as the full recharge comes around rather frequently. The Monte Carlo can round out any loadout with ease. In PVE, this weapon shines, with its high stability and exotic capabilities, allowing you to not only maximise damage output but to consistently stay on target with both lower level enemies and Ultra level ones. On top of this the damage it puts out coupled with its mid fire rate, allows any PVE activity to be a breeze. In PVP, much of what makes it popular in PVE works for PVP as well. The high stability allows you to stay on target and headshot those pesky Guardians with ease, especially when they may wield a higher impact or more rapid firing weapon. It would be optimal to remain around the middle range of play for the best chance of scoring kills with the Monte Carlo.

This exotic auto rifle definitely lives up to its origins as a showpiece with a sleek, refined design that also appears to hold a ton of advanced technology both under the surface and along the exterior of the weapon. The white paint job is simplistic but compliments the Monte Carlo rather well and the magazine flows into the design of the frame in such a way that it doesn’t even appear to be removable. However the main focal point would have to be the long bayonet attached to the front of it. This bayonet is smooth and straight along both the top and bottom edges, as well as being incredibly sharp. It almost does not appear to have ever been used but with its lethality, the bayonet has definitely sent the Darkness wheeling back a few times. This bayonet is not crude and attached rapidly but was a design feature from the start and has the exclusive purpose of cutting and slicing. A true warriors weapon.

How to Acquire it?
The Monte Carlo can be gained from an exotic primary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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