Exotic Review : Plan C

Good fighters have contingency plans. Great fighters don’t need them. 

Out in the Frontier, faced with the everlooming presence of your enemies, quick reflexes are worth more than every scrap of precious metal in the universe. However a Fusion Rifle can only charge so quickly. Enter the Plan C. When you draw this weapon and bring it to the forefront, fast rise capacitors and smart induction system, prime this weapon for firing. This state only lasts for a few brief moments but in a firefight, or a life and death situation, those moments matter.

Plan C, when it is used correctly is one of the fastest firing fusion rifles available for use by any Guardian. The namesake exotic perk, Plan C allows this weapon to have short charge and equip time immediately after weapon swap. This means that Plan C can be switched to and fired off almost instantly, presuming you fire off a charge as soon as you switch to it. Plan C has an incredibly high impact and so the lowest one of its stats is its charge rate. The exotic capability of this fusion rifle, however takes care of that quite easily, providing you use it effectively. The Plan C shines in both PVE and PVP as that rapid charge rate, allows it to be treated almost like a long range shotgun that hits like a truck. It can be used to take down that opposing Guardian trying to mow you down with a primary weapon as well as that saving grace that allows your Guardian to take out your enemy and so survive by the skin of your teeth.

The Plan C has a lot going on that makes it rather interesting to look at with all its technological doodads that coalesce to somehow make this exotic function. One of the main draws is the large scope on top that makes the weapon almost double the size it would have been without it. It appears to be an advanced combat scope with pinpoint targeting which would make it a lot easier to just whip it out and fire, obliterating anyone in your way. Plan C has a typical fusion rifle look with its charging coils throughout the middle of the weapon and magazine pack underneath the trigger but one of the most intriguing parts of this fusion rifle is the shortened knife that is attached underneath the muzzle. It has a serrated underside and a curve along the top edge. This mini bayonet is designed to supplement the Plan C’s combat ability and it is a deadly addition.

How to Acquire it?
The Plan C can be gained from an exotic secondary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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