Exotic Review : Red Death

 Vanguard policy urges Guardians to destroy this weapon on sight. It is a Guardian killer. 

There are only rumours that tell of the vicious and psychotic Guardian who fashioned this weapon, made for butchery and death. Many Guardians fell under its hateful makers guidance and now rumours have grown into fact and it is undeniable, how truly powerful the Red Death is. On the gun there are 9 skull and crossbone symbols, each symbolising a Light filled Guardian that fell to this vicious weapon of destruction, further adding to its terrifying history.

The Red Death is a medium fire rate pulse rifle that will not let you down in a fire fight. Its slower rate of fire means that it has a higher impact and also makes it a bit easier to keep on target. On top of this, the relatively straight up recoil pattern, allows it to be managed securely and may even allow for a couple headshots. Without the application of its exotic perk, it would be rather unremarkable but its namesake perk, Red Death causes each kill to heal you and speeds up your reload speed for a short time. This allows your Guardian to recover rapidly from the effects of a past firefight and get back into the battle. I myself have used this gun against 3 Crucible opponents in the open and beaten all three of them thanks to the healing ability. This pulse rifle has a great potential in PVP as long as you play to the strength of the gun and the healing factor provides a major boost to your potential survivability in the Crucible. In AI dominated environments Red Death is a terrific weapon, the medium rate of fire doesn’t matter as much due to your Guardian getting healed with each kill you score. Go Red Death it up in PVE.

The look of the Red Death clearly showcases it as a butchers tool, something not to be messed with if you wish to survive. For the most part it is a modified pulse rifle that has been altered with the abilities that the fully fledged Red Death holds. The initial focal point seems to be the large hunting knife that has been changed into a bayonet attached to the front of the gun. This knife was meant for ripping and slicing as evidenced by the serration near the bottom. The gun is covered in dried blood around the muzzle and barrel of the weapon so it would make more sense that this gun has been utilised more as a close up weapon, tearing its opponents apart in a vicious frenzy as opposed to simply shooting them. On top of this, the bloodied areas have spikes sticking out of the side which could be the cause of some of the blood as the gun can be utilised as a pretty decent club. On top of this, you have 9 skull and crossbone symbols towards the end of the barrel which showcases the 9 Guardians, that have been murdered through this weapons use.

How to Acquire it?
The Red Death can be gained from an exotic primary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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