Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Ruin Wings

 In the Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster. Of the seeds we do not speak. 

Ruin Wings. An apt name for these wondrous gauntlets that provide your Guardian with even more of the most destructive type of ammunition you can get your hands on. The exotic perk, Seeds of Ruin, provides a boost to the drop rate of heavy ammo and each brick provides more heavy ammo to your Guardian. These gauntlets are designed for those Titans who just cannot put down their Sword, Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun. It gives them the ultimate chance to show off their power and deal some major damage. This exotic would have more use and more appeal in a PVE environment as you are not inhibited in the times you can use your heavy, hence you will get more use out of the increased drops. With these gauntlets bringing a literal sea of purple to you, you will be able to utilise your biggest impact weapons to clear out whole swathes of enemies with relative ease. In PVP, it might not be worthwhile and frankly a waste of an exotic slot if you equip these gauntlets in the Crucible. While it is true that you will get a boost to the amount of heavy ammunition you gain, heavy ammo only arrivals on the Crucible battlefield once, at the halfway mark. Ergo the vast majority of the battle you will spend with your exotic going to waste for a slight addition to your heavy magazine. It just isn’t worthwhile.

The Ruin Wings are rather intricately wrought with its beautiful design sculpted into its very base. They are a wonderful shiny silver colour (the above picture is with the Vallsgarde shader equipped) which makes them stand out, no matter what armour pieces they are combined with. This is helped along by the very structure of this exotic, which is a bulky protective covering that essentially has every standard armour piece for maximum protection, from vambrace to pauldron. This leaves the Titans with a highly functional yet highly beautiful exotic.

How to Acquire it?
The Ruin Wings can be gained from an exotic gauntlet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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