Exotic Review : Sleeper Simulant

 Subroutine IKELOS : Status=Complete 

MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status=Still in progress

Sleeper Simulant is a collaborative effort between the Warmind Rasputin as well as Banshee-44 to form the ultimate heavy weapon. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT was an effort by the Warmind to emulate and create weapons of war due to the increased number of external breaches that had reached to 400% of previous levels. Rasputin theorised that Guardians could be leveraged to help assist in the breaches and had directed 12% of Cosmodrome assets to a new directive – IKELOS. He called VOLUSPA and extracted the subroutine DVALIN FORGE which was then modified and compiled to fit the new parameters of MIDNIGHT EXIGENT. Rasputin then took the modified DVALIN FORGE-2 and inserted it into IKELOS to await extraction and implementation.

The Sleeper Simulant is a modified fusion rifle that fits perfectly in the heavy weapon slot, and for good reason. It hits like a truck and deals impressive damage holding the highest impact possible  as well as impressive range. One thing that sets this weapon apart from other fusion rifles is the projectiles it fires, are straight lasers which if nothing else, is cool. Its first exotic perk, Sleeper Simulant allows its lasers to tear through targets and ricochet once on hard surfaces. This is further backed up by, Activate IKELOS which upgrades the laser projectiles to bounce multiple times on hard surfaces. While the bouncing lasers have a large wow factor and can occasionally bring more damage upon enemies that are scattered around the room, it is very rare that you will hit more than the target you were aiming for initially. The Sleeper Simulant does not ricochet a heap of times, stopping most of the time at 2 and occasionally at 3 bounces. This weapon is designed more for PVE and fits the niche of an Ultra killer as its high impact and power are able to take out significant chunks of your opponents health and you are not really hurt by the slow charge rate. In PVP while it is still a devastating weapon, the slow charge time may hurt you as Guardians utilising rockets, machine guns and swords may be able to eliminate you by the time you unleash your shot. On top of this, the Sleeper’s laser shots may be difficult to keep on target as opposing Guardians may well be able to dodge them, due to a fair bit of warning. Not to mention that the exotic perk with the ricocheting lasers may never even come into play as an effective ability so it may be best to just utilise this weapon in a PVE setting.

Everything about this weapon screams of Rasputin’s influence from the black and yellow colouration to the geometric triangular shapes that compose the barrel. The scope is technologically advanced and leans in towards the barrel and muzzle of the weapon. There are wires and cords running from in between the triangular shapes on the barrel that seem to lead to a round shape towards the shoulder brace that has a bright green light on it. This could be the advanced charging core (IKELOS) which allows for such devastating energy output. Coupled with this, the design of the barrel and the structures within it could be responsible for how the energy charged within the gun is manifested into lasers.

How to Acquire it?
In order to gain the quest for the Sleeper Simulant, your Guardian will need to collect four DVALIN fusion rifles and turn them in to Banshee-44. These legendary items drop randomly from killing enemies and are worth 200 Gunsmith reputation each so that is an added bonus.

Once you find all four of them and turn each of them in, you should have a quest maker for a mission on Earth known as the First Firewall. This mission requires you to return to Rasputin’s Seraphim Vault and defeat waves of Hive and Taken. The order which these enemies appear is important as it represents a passcode you will need later. After these enemies and a Taken boss afterwards are defeated, you will acquire an item known as a Curious Transceiver. Here the code comes into play. Hive knights represent the top row and Taken Knights represent the bottom. However here are the codes just to make it a little easier;

Code 1: Up Down Up Up Down Down Down Up Down

Code 2: Up Down Up Up Down Down Up Up

Code 3: Up Down Down Down Up Down Down Down Up Up

Code 4: Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Up

You will then need to return to Earth to complete a mission known as Shadow Call which is in the exact same area as the Cayde’s Stash mission. This mission requires you to get to the top of the spire and defeat a group of Tortured Wizards in under 4 minutes. However this can be done quite easily as most of the enemies can just be avoided and run by. After the Wizards are defeated you will obtain the IKELOS Fusion Core which is an exotic drop.

Inspect the core and you will see 5 objectives none of which are two hard to figure out based on the clues there but the objectives are;

-Ionised Shell Harmonics : Defeat the Archive mission on Venus

-Heavy Power Coupling : Dismantle a legendary or exotic heavy weapon

-Plasma Confinement Module 1 : Warsat event on Earth

-Plasma Confinement Module 2 : Warsat event on the Moon

-Plasma Confinement Module 3 : Warsat event on Mars

Once you have completed all of that return it to Banshee-44 who will ask you to wait a while so come back the next day and he will have the rest of the quest set up for your Guardian to complete. You will then need to complete a special version of the Fallen S.A.B.E.R Strike at 280 Light. Once you defeat the giant Shank at the end, you can pick up the Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame. Continue back to the Tower, talk to Banshee-44 and he will reward your hard work with the Sleeper Simulant Exotic Heavy Fusion Rifle. Have fun with it Guardians.

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