Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Super Good Advice

This weapon is full of it. 

The amazing mechanism of this weapon indicates Golden Age technology. The smart rounds report their trajectories to the weapon and the micro-transmat protocols recall missed shots directly to the magazine making sure that your enemies get the full range of advice. It has been denied that weapon mechanisms, no matter how smart they may be, develop personalities of their own. But it is almost undeniable that Super Good Advice possesses a personality with the capability of memory and a minor sarcastic side. This could be due to its connection to the legendary Hunter Pahanin who witnessed the fall of Kabr in the Vault of Glass and become terrified and paranoid of travelling alone.

The Super Good Advice is the fastest firing exotic machine gun brought to bear against the enemies of the Tower. As such it has a lower impact but melts through your opponents regardless. Its exotic perk, aptly called Super Good Advice allows for a chance for missed shots to be returned to the magazine and even landed shots have a chance to be replaced in your magazine for your reserves. If your luck holds out, you can fire many more shots than the 35 bullet magazine would normally allow. The Super Good Advice is more of a PVE weapon however partly due to its lower stability, making it harder to consistently hit shots and so may lead to either your death or a lot of wasted heavy. Although to be fair, these bullets may be returned to you. On top of that, the main perk of this gun requires you to miss shots which would not be the best policy and while bullets can be returned with landed shots it would probably be far and few in between so it would not make much difference. It would be better to use your exotic slot on another weapon for PVP.

This exotic machine gun sports quite a bright and vivid paint job consisting of red, white and blue. These colours all present a contrast to one another making this weapon stand out of the crowd. The large rectangular magazine is held just in front of the trigger and trigger guard and this exotic sports three separate barrels, which spin, designed for maximum efficiency and speed when firing.

How to Acquire it?
The Super Good Advice can be gained from an exotic heavy engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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