Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : The Chaperone

“My mother had a shotgun we called the Chaperone. Kept us alive out there, before we got to the City”. – Amanda Holliday 

Before the Last City was even a whispered prayer on the quiet wind, Amanda Holliday was born. She was born on the road, far from safety. The only solace they held was the weapons they could build, modify or scavenge. Such a weapon was her mothers two barrel shotgun with its black and gold filigree far too fair for the cruel and dirty world they survived. This weapon was called the Chaperone. Although the original Chaperone lies in a shallow grave, along with the very last owner of this weapon, Amanda remembers every single detail of its design. Coupled with a strong partnership with Tex Mechanica, she has brought it back from the dead. Although it has a lot more power and different capabilities to the original Chaperone, there are a couple things that have not changed. They are the design and the name of the weapon that saw the very last Holliday to the very last city.

The Chaperone is not your typical shotgun, it rewards a skilled hand and the right timing. Its signature perk, The Chaperone, fires a single precision slug and having it equipped grants a boost to your agility. If you want to use this weapon you have to treat it like the precision weapon that it is and not a regular shotgun. To be honest if you go head to head with a shotgun that fires buckshot, you will not win unless you go for those precision shots. This exotic does not stop there with two more signature perks that further increase the boons granted via precision kills. The first being The Roadborn grants bonus handling, range and precision damage with this weapon for a brief time after a precision kill. Further increasing that is The Survivor which returns two rounds back to the chamber after three rapid precision kills while Born on the Road is active. Since you do not have a lot of time that Roadborn is active, the final Chaperone perk will be difficult to attain but worth it in the end as it gives you that extra couple of slugs without having to reload. The Chaperone is definitely more of a PVP weapon that awards a skilled hand and relies on those precision shots in order to become even more of a god tier weapon. Only if used correctly. In PVE, unless you are really quick with your aim and shots that lead to precision kills, it may be more practical to utilise a shotgun with buckshot. This weapon only really has an exotic feel when you go for those precision hits.

The first thing about this weapon that flashes out is the intricate carving along the front end of the barrel. It appears to be vines and flowers in a general typical artsy design. It is covered in a dark grey colour which suits the style of the weapon in a big way. The back end showcases a double hammer which is a very different design style. As fits with the firing style of this weapon it also has the single opening in the gun that is a lot narrower than a traditional shotgun, a link to its ability to fire slugs.

How to Acquire it?
Buckle up Guardians, because The Chaperone, for many warriors is not going to be easy to gain. Firstly you will need to reach Rank 3 in the Crucible which will trigger a quest from everyones favourite resident shipwright, Amanda Holliday

She will provide you with a quest known as Jolly Holliday which requires you to get kills in the Crucible with The Last Word equipped. These kills do not have to be with The Last Word, it just has to be in your primary slot. However that is not all, as every kill will increase your score by 1% but any death will decrease it by 2%. A strategy you can use is to equip The Last Word when you have your Super charged to gain a few kills then to unequip it so you can die safe.

After you have achieved this gruelling ordeal, Amanda wants a hefty 15000 Glimmer in the form of a generous donation. If alarm bells are going off in your head, listen to them because our awesome shipwright just wants a bribe.

The next stage your Guardian gets a choice depending on your particular playstyle and where you are comfortable. You can either 1. Kill a certain number of Level 40 Major enemies with a shotgun or 2. Kill a certain number of Guardians in the Crucible with a shotgun. Each Major nets you 6% per kill while each Guardian kill nets you 3%.

The final thing standing between you and The Chaperone is a special 290 Light Strike that sends you to kill the Cabal Shield Brothers. This Strike has the specialist modifier and requires you to deal damage to the Brothers with your shotgun. Try to get as much damage as you can utilising your Shotgun just in case.

As you retreat back to the Tower after your success, Amanda Holliday will congratulate you and inform you that Tex Mechanica has to wait a little to determine if you are truly worthy. This means you have to wait until the Weekly Reset so fingers crossed you didn’t get it done just after reset as you will have to wait the full 7 days. Once you wait the obligatory waiting period and Tex has determined your worth, you will be rewarded with The Chaperone. Use it well.

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