Exotic Review : The First Curse

 “…is when death becomes an afterthought” 

The word of this weapons twin sister is always upon peoples lips. The Last Word, is whispered with bated breath and sincere admiration and longing. But people forget about this weapon. The twin. The powerful counterpart. The sun to the Last Word’s moon.  They only tell of the Last Word cause its the easier story. But when things are easy, oftentimes something is being held back. The truth of the matter is that there was two of them. Back in the the lawless days before the City existed as even a thought. There are thousands upon thousands of stories about the fate of the First Curse. Which one will you speak?

The First Curse is a slow firing, high impact hand cannon that is a direct contrast to its rapid firing relative, The Last Word. It has two main exotic perks that make it quite a considerable weapon and they are, Dead Eye which provides bonuses to range, stability and movement speed when aiming down sights as well as The First Curse which refills your magazine on the first precision kill of the mag and boosts your stability and range for a short time. Dead Eye is quite a significant perk and once again is opposite to Tex Mechanica’s other weapon which provides boosts when firing from the hip. The stability and range on this weapon are quite low, and so it really encourages users of this weapon to utilise the sights and get that bonus. Similarly, The First Curse encourages Guardians to be practical and make every shot count as the first precision kill once again boosts your stability and range, on top of what Dead Eye has given you and your magazine gets refilled which gives you a lot more room to defend yourself from attackers or to go on the offensive yourself. This weapon has a more PVP feel to it due to the high impact and and slow fire rate. If used correctly this weapon will allow you to dominate within all Crucible modes with its exotic perks boosting its stats to make it incredibly powerful and a definite contender for a top tier exotic.In PVE, the high impact will definitely come in handy especially against the higher level majors and ultras but it may be more beneficial to have a faster firing weapon with a bigger magazine size to clear out those large groups of enemies that you will inevitably be faced with.

This exotic seeps elegance and class from every seam and groove as well as an undeniable air of power and a hunger to destroy. It is quite simplistic in design with a contrasting shining silver top and the middle and bottom of the weapon being a deep black, except the grip which is a lovely shade of brown. In many ways it resembles its sister gun, The Last Word except it seems to hold a more graceful and powerful aura that suggests patience and waiting for the perfect moment.

How to Acquire it?
In order to get the First Curse, you must get to Rank 5 with the Gunsmith Banshee-44, at which point he will give you a quest known as Imprecation which first requires you to get hand cannon kills with a primary or hand cannon telemetry active. So go out into either PVP or PVE and slaughter some enemies and get your percentage up.

Once you have achieved 100% of your kills, return to Banshee and he will inform you that you have to wait until next Armsday for a new shipment of Tex Mechanica weapons to come in. Armsday occurs every Wednesday.

Once Armsday arrives go and talk to Banshee again and he will reward you with a white level gun known as Imprecation. This hand cannon has slow reload speed and slow rate of fire with a lower impact. It takes some true skill, dedication and a bit of luck to get kills with this weapon. First you will need to infuse this weapon above 260 attack and then you will now have to score 7 PVE precision kills without reloading and score 7 headshot kills on opposing Guardians in the Crucible. The PVE section is not difficult, it is recommended to utilise the Siege of the Warmind mission in the area where you are being rushed by a lot of Thrall. It may take a couple of tries but eventually you will get all your precision kills. The Crucible is a lot harder and will take some time and a lot of patience. Try and avoid engaging in direct firefights as it is quite difficult for Imprecation to win those with its long time to kill. Stick with your teammates and try to finish off Guardians they have already damaged. Make sure to aim for those precision kills. Utilise a game like Control for this step of the quest due to the longer length

Return to Banshee-44 once you have gotten your kills and you will be informed that the data gained using Imprecation will be used to reverse engineer The First Curse. The final step is to once again wait until Armsday, after which you will receive your new First Curse.

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