Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : The Fourth Horseman

 “Its not a holdout weapon, its a pathfinder”.

Take a look at The Fourth Horseman. The care with which it was crafted and designed speaks clearly of the old bygone age where trophy hunting was rampant but this devastating close range weapon was not built for just any old hunt. Its big game, this weapon was designed to eliminate. A fine tuning weapon system is inbuilt into this weapon which allows for full auto firing, while measured impact timing is in place to provide a little bit of an extra kick at the tail end of each magazine. This is necessary to ensure that you manage to take out the biggest game in the system. Cabal.

The Fourth Horseman is an ultra close range weapon, having negligible range so you will not be able to shotgun snipe with this exotic. The exotic perk, Thunderer allows this weapon to be fired in full auto mode and boy do they mean full auto. When you place pressure on the trigger, the five shots in the magazine will go off so quick you will not even register them as having left. If you get close to an enemy, it will certainly take them off their feet, with a fair bit of overkill. You can rest easy knowing that if you get in close, the Fourth Horseman will definitely be able to take down a Cabal with relative ease. In PVE, this shotgun will shine as you are able to get up really close to you opponents and then let loose with this tank of a shotgun. Within a second, you will take out most majors so lower level enemies under that rank do not stand a chance. In PVP it is a different story, due to the horrendously low range. If you can manage to get in really close with an opposing Guardian, there is not much they can do to challenge you as Thunderer will rip through them in a flash. However a lot of the most commonly used shotguns have considerable range to them so it is not advisable to try and out shotgun another Guardian unless you can get the drop on them first. Because in a shotgun on shotgun confrontation, the Fourth Horseman won’t be able to even graze them by the time they take you out. Another important thing to note that is not related to how this weapon functions is that The Fourth Horseman is one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, the fourth one being Death which is apt when referring to this shotgun.

As the lore says, The Fourth Horseman is designed with old school trophy hunting in mind. When the weapon you carried was a type of art form. The simplistic but rather unique iron sights showcases it as not requiring fancy targeting systems to be victorious, only a steady hand and a patient mind. The light brown colour of the frame of the shotgun contrasts rather beautifully with the grey colour of the steel barrel. Speaking of the barrel, there are four separate barrels built into one, which probably allows for a wide spread of projectiles leading to your adversaries untimely demise. Along the side of the frame just before the beginning of the barrel, there is a metal plate wrought with intricate detail. The plate is probably silver and with the extent of the engraving conveys that whoever owned and designed this weapon, is probably rich beyond measure.

How to Acquire it?
The Fourth Horseman can be gained from an exotic secondary engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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