Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : The Glasshouse

Everything is luminous.

This lovely little gem of an exotic, known as the Glasshouse is for the Defender that really wants to make the absolute most out of their Ward of Dawn and the benefits they confer. The exotic perk, Bathed in Light, extends the duration of the Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light so as to prevent your Guardian from losing those bonuses at the critical point in battle as has happened to so many of us. This perk is quite favourable to the PVE side of things due to it having a lot more utility with your overshield remaining on or weapons being bolstered for a longer period of time allowing you to attempt to eliminate all the minions of the Darkness that oppose you. In a Crucible situation, the extended duration of your bonuses are welcome, primarily Blessing of Light which makes you a lot harder to kill and tips the favour exponentially in your favour.

The Glasshouse has a simplistic design composed of many interconnected triangles that make up the faceplate. It appears to be made of some high resistant glass or metal that is also transparent, at least from one side so the Guardian can see. Interestingly enough, on the side it appears to be a hinge handing off the faceplate suggesting that it can be opened up sideways. This is an interesting design choice because the purpose of a Greenhouse – where the Glasshouse got its name presumably, is to trap sunlight and heat in order to boost the growth of the plants inside. If we couple this with the bluish haze on the edges of the faceplate and the name of the exotic perk, it can be assumed that Light is being channelled and contained within the facial area in order to boost the bonuses of the Ward of Dawn.

How to Acquire it?
The Glasshouse can be gained from an exotic helmet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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