Exotic Review : The Taikonaut

 The helmets worn by the first Chinese lunar colonists of the Golden Age

The Taikonaut is the ideal exotic for any Titan wanting to deal some damage with high powered Rockets. This helmet revolves around Rockets so if you wish to utilise Machine Guns then stay far away. The exotic perk, Air Traffic Control provides every single Rocket Launcher you equip with tracking capabilities. On top of this, your radar is visible while you are zoomed in with heavy weapons and heavy ammo bricks will drop more often for your Titan. Having more bricks full of the purple ammo you love, drop over the environment will be a boon for any Guardian regardless of subclass or fighting capability. However, while the majority of perks relating to this exotic requires a Rocket Launcher to be equipped, the heavy ammo dropping will be beneficial to Machine Gun or Sword users everywhere. Although it would be a waste of an exotic slot if you are utilising anything other than Rockets. The main draw of the Taikonaut is its inbuilt ability to provide every Rocket Launcher with Tracking. No more waiting or grinding to get that perfect roll on a heavy weapon that also has tracking. In this way you can bring forth your favourite or most powerful Rockets and be confident that they will hit their marks. This exotic is ideal for both PVE and PVP to make sure that every Rocket you fire counts and eliminates your opponents.

This exotic helmet, like the flavour text says, is designed around the helmets worn by the first Chinese lunar colonists and in fact appear to be quite similar to regular Astronaut helmets. If we look back at the Destiny pre-beta trailer, we can see three armed individuals wearing Astronaut gear on Mars, with helmets that is quite close to the Taikonaut in design. The faceplate is quite simple with its yellow sheen covering it and the bottom has four holes in the shape of a diamond that are presumably breathing holes or some kind of filtration system in areas where there is low oxygen.

How to Acquire it?
The Taikonaut can be gained from an exotic helmet engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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