Destiny Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review : Twilight Garrison

 “One day the Last City will be known as the First City”.

There is only really one word to use to describe this Titan exotic and that is fun. While it is a highly tactical and highly useful exotic chestpiece, the shenanigans one can have while wearing it is mind boggling. The exotic perk, Tactical Air Support allows for quick evasive movements while in the air by double pressing the crouch button. This can be activated twice in succession and makes your Titan a lot harder to hit. It is much like Shadestep in application and activation but you must be in the air to use it and you stay entirely visible throughout its duration. On top of this you move in the same direction when you activate this perk as you were before its activation. The Twilight Garrison can be utilised with great success in PVP and PVE as it allows you to either make aggressive advancement towards your enemies or a hasty backtrack as you realise they may be a bit too powerful. Or lucky. In PVP however this exotic really shines with the ability to rapidly alter your course you can put opposing Guardians off guard and give you that much needed edge with your attacks. On the same vein if you are being pressed too hard and are forced to run away, the Twilight Garrison can help make sure your attackers aim suffers while you escape. On top of this you can also pop around corners in a flash rather than just running past them so it gives you a fair boost to speed. However, just remember that Tactical Air Support cannot be activated rapidly twice in a row as it does have a slight cooldown.

The look of the Twilight Garrison as it sits is to be honest, kind of plain and bulky. But it has the practical look to it of the gear that would be on a plane, particularly in a war setting. It features a vest kind of look that covers the front of the body in bulky protective gear while the back (which you cannot see) has four of the circular apparatus’ that you see on the lower right and lower left of the front. These, while you are wearing the chestpiece, come out and then retract again, with the cores of these structures being rather colourful, presenting a beautiful effect as well as continuing with the airplane motif. The lights could in fact be guiding lights or warning lights about the oncoming arrival of a plane or similar vehicle of significant power…like your Titan.

How to Acquire it?
The Twilight Garrison can be gained from an exotic chest engram or purchasing it from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.

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