Skyrim : A New Take on an Old Favourite

At E3 2016, Bethesda announced that they would be doing a new remaster of the fan favourite Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, primarily for the sake of next gen console players who may have lost out on this game when they upgraded to current gen. So all you Xbox One and Playstation 4 players rejoice because it is coming.

While many of us wait, presumably in vain, for a remake of Morrowind or Oblivion and desperately cling to the distant future of an Elder Scrolls VI, this remake is exactly what will tide over most fans of the series, both new and old. Bethesda has added a whole range of new features that revolve around image quality and depth of field to make this game feel a bit more fresh and alive.

New Water and Snow Shaders

It can always be seen through a cursory glance at any video game world, how the environment reacts to the light from differing angles and when attention to these minute details is paid it opens up the world in a way you wouldn’t believe. The shimmering and sparkle of the new environmental features brings this 2011 title once again into the forefront of visual effects. It brings the video game closer to a reality-like visual quality only without the pain of actual reality.

Screen Reflections

The new screen space reflections showcase a more interactive environment with how the shadows move and interact when in the presence of light, both still and in motion.

Volumetric God Rays and Depth of Field

The volumetric god rays make the world feel more inviting and warm, like there is actual substance to them as opposed to just being painted on and left there. This coupled with the betterment of the depth of field leads to a crisper, brighter image that showcases more detail and will in many aspects de-gloomify a lot of the areas that had a dark and shadowy feel to them, even when lit up with fire or some other form of light.


The main reason, this new remaster will be a draw to both PS4 and XB1 players is the added potential to mod the game straight from the console version itself. This up until now has been a privilege that only PC gamers could enjoy but now Console users have have that same privilege. Mods make this massive RPG a little more enjoyable and entertaining over the long term. Each mod can serve to place some of your individuality into the world of Skyrim. One of my personal favourites is the Dragonborn Castle which is a massive Castle complex with plenty of secrets that can only be accessed by the Dragonborn.


The Skyrim : Special Edition will be released on October 28th 2016 for the special price of $60 and it comes with every DLC released for Skyrim – Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. The higher price is due to it being a jump up in consoles and essentially being a new version of an old game. However, PC players who own The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Legendary Edition – that is with all released DLC, will get the Special Edition for free as an update. This is being done due to PC players already having the mods at their disposal to make the existing Skyrim into a beautifully detailed world. Hence if Bethesda charged them for the PC version it would not be bought. It is a sensible decision on Bethesda’s part.


If you don’t believe that the Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim has been updated to a higher tier then take a look at these Playstation Screenshots

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