Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 : Speculation and Fact

When the first Titanfall came out on March 11th 2014, it created a buzz. It was something new and dynamic that altered the way an FPS game played, specifically for its own purpose. The orbitally dropped Titans, large mechs that are equipped with an impressive array of weaponry  coupled with the highly trained combat Pilots are a sight to see, either merged as one or fighting as two separate units with the same goal. At the E3 conference of 2016, Titanfall 2 was announced, scheduled for release on October 28th 2016. It generated hype and excitement for fans of the FPS genre as well as fans of this unique game. This is a review of the Titanfall 2 single player campaign as well as features that can extend into multiplayer. The single player gameplay trailer can be viewed via the link below;


The opening shot of this trailer reveals a planet that is similar in appearance to the Planet Earth but most likely isn’t due to much of the pitched battles and wars within the Titanfall Series taking place on the forefront of exploration into new territories. This forefront is known as The Frontier, a deadly place to earn renown and glory as well as suffering horrible defeats. The planet is being pulled apart piece by piece, in a kind of un-terraforming form of deconstruction. Based on the planets destruction being an opening shot, it is clear that this planet will showcase most if not all of the campaign of Titanfall 2. The planet itself based on the close up footage throughout the trailer shows it as a lush, untamed mass of mountainous regions and forests. There are a myriad of high tech facilities strewn around the landscape that are in the process of being reclaimed by the flora and fauna of the planet, hence the ferns and greenery covering every inch of these buildings. The facilities themselves have a refined, sleek look that seem to be reminiscent of research stations. They are too ‘smooth’ to have a militaristic purpose. If it can be linked back to the opening shot, these facilities could be a relic of an older civilisation with the purpose of researching and developing the red eyed robots of whom the Arachnobots (see Enemies) are related.

These facilities could have been condemned and abandoned when the experiments inevitably got out of control and now with the almost controlled deconstruction of the planet, they have awoken to add a new player to this Revolutionary War. This appears to have more weight behind it primarily due to shot at the 13 second point, of which we are presented with an open area, with similar landscaping as the rest of the planet. It is clearly within the planets Lithosphere and has moss and leaves dangling from the ceiling suggesting it has been neglected for some time. There is an array of impressive and confusing technology within this shot particularly centred around the circular gateways and the holographic orbs, linking pathways of light between them. In the centre of these orbs is a small rock or crystal that appears to be diamond in shape. Could this have something to do with the functionality and awakening of the robots? Possibly. It is worth noting as it floats above another platform that will allow a humanoid sized individual to reach it further giving credence to the possibility of an abandoned station.

New Enemies

In the original Titanfall game, the players were presented with a pitched battle between the ruthless, mass producing robotics corporation known as the IMC against the Militia a bunch of individuals attempting to wrest free of IMC control in a sort of revolutionary fashion, albeit with countless deaths and blood on their hands. In Titanfall 2, we can only speculate about who the new enemies will be but based on the trailer footage it appears that the worlds are wracked by a vicious war so it can be assumed that the battle between the IMC and the Militia still rages. However there appears to be a new kind of combatant in this pitched war and it is most likley associated with the arachnid-like robots that are first encountered at about the 10 second mark in the trailer. They frequently pop up throughout the later stages of the video. Of great interest is at the 1:17 mark, there is a shot of a pair of Titans firing rockets over a battle torn field with seven turrets along the tops of the walls. These turrets are mostly unremarkable except for the red striping through the middle of them as it bears an exact resemblence to the shade of red that makes up the eyes of the Arachnid robots that are revealed at the beginning. This red is coupled with an apparent set of red eyes off to the left of the turret wall in that same shot. On top of this we are presented with the very same Arachnobots just over a second later in a different shot when they are running towards the camera and the viewer itself. The question is, what are they? Are they a new manifestation of robotics from the IMC or even a completely separate race that was disturbed by the destruction of the planet in the opening shot. Only time will reveal this but I think, our Pilots will be able to counter this new threat.

Titan Classes

One of the most important things within this game and what all new and old fans are clamouring for are new Titan classes. New ways to spread terror and destruction with your mechanised death machines and Respawn did not disappoint with the promise of six brand new Titan types with two being focused in on both the trailer and at E3. While the majority of these mechs have not been released yet, we have knowledge of two Titans that are coming with Titanfall 2, both from the trailer and announced information.

The first Titan and the most hyped one is known as the Ronin. Armed with a giant sword like the one pictured above, the Ronin Titan is a slight, manoeuvrable mech capable of fast speeds and devastating attacks. The Ronin comes stock standard with a three barrelled gun known as a Leadwall that appears to fire something similar to shotgun shells. These do a remarkable amount of damage against enemy Titans. The sword that this mech carries has an arc charge to it which you can see crackling around it in the picture above. While it performs all the usual abilities of a sword, with the slashing and slicing up of enemies it can also deliver a destructive arc wave attack with which it swings the sword from the ground up and we see a lightning charged shockwave hurtle towards the enemy. On top of this, the Ronin’s sword can be used for blocking enemy attacks and can in some circumstances deflect them. In relation to movement the Ronin is equipped with a Phase Dash that allows it to move in a given direction, almost blindingly fast. The Ronin class is definitely a rapid moving Titan designed to get into the fray quickly, deliver devastating damage and leave just as quick.

The other class which hasn’t been officially unveiled with the same level of detail of the Ronin is known as the Vanguard and it has been stated to be of the same chassis type as the mid size Titans in Titanfall 1. It is my belief that the Vanguard Titan will be the same class as the trailers and single player campaigns very own BT-7274. BT is a significantly bulky looking Titan that seems to be designed equally with speed and strength in mind so in essence it is a ‘neutral’ Titan. Within the trailer we hear about the three protocols of the Titan or at least of BT and they are;

-Protocol 1 : Link to Pilot

-Protocol 2 : Uphold the Mission

-Protocol 3 : Protect the Pilot

On top of this, all throughout the trailer, we hear BT talking about his actions and bond with new Pilot Jack Cooper after his old Pilot was KIA. It seems that the Titans have been given more personality and emotional depth and according to Drew McCoy, a producer of the Titanfall 2 game, they wanted to explore the connection between the Pilots and Titans and the latter’s emotional connection to both their Pilots and the situations they get caught in.

Main Protagonists

In the single player campaign, based on the trailer we are seen to be following the story of a presumably Fully Combat Certified Pilot known as Jack Cooper. While not much is known of him at this point, a shot of his face is given at the 0:53 mark of the above trailer and he appears to be of middling age with established stubble around his face. So presuming that the man in the trailer is Jack Cooper, he is most likely going to be a veteran of many combat missions making him an ideal protagonist. However in the very first picture of this post, in the foreground is a female fighter who is taking down a Titan herself. It could be very well that this female figure is a female version of Jack Cooper for those individuals who do not want to play a male protagonist. It is a strong possibility that I am excited to explore.

 New Weapons and Abilities

Much like the main characters and hidden Titans, not much has been revealed about the weapons and abilities of the Pilots and the Titans themselves however one main thing has been unveiled that is going to be quite interesting to utilise and that is Grappling Hooks. These Grappling Hooks can be utilised to launch over opposing or friendly Titans to reach your Titan and enter the mechs body. In the trailer we are also introduced to Grappling Hooks allowing Pilots to get from dropships to the ground but whether or not that will be playable and not just a trailer effect is yet to be seen.

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