Get Going with Pokemon Go


Even if you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of a delightful little game known as Pokemon Go. The whole idea of the mobile Pokemon game is to go around to real world locations and find virtual Pokemon to add to your collection. For any fan of the game this has enabled the dream of becoming a real life Pokemon Trainer to become a reality. (I’ve only been waiting 10 years). Not only does it get kids and adults out of the house and walking around their neighbourhoods but people are interacting more when outside even while having their heads buried in their phones, tablets or other devices. Talking about their team (Mystic all the way), what Pokemon they just caught or sharing tips and tricks has brought fans both new and old, together. If you wanted to get an edge in this game you are in the right place.


IncenseIncense is an item that can be activated any time and at any location. It provides a strong, most likely positive smell to any nearby Pokemon and will draw them to within your circular radius for you to catch for a maximum time of 30 minutes. Based on experiments with Incense it may be beneficial to walk around your neighbourhood while this is active or better yet activate it at a Lure as it will most likely give you the best possible chance for more encounters with Pokemon.

Lure Modules

Lure ModuleLure Modules or Lures as they are more commonly referred to are consumables that can be placed onto any Pokestop as a way to attract nearby Pokemon. These are more effective than Incense and have the added bonus of being able to be utilised by any nearby players. In this way if one person activates a Lure then for 30 minutes after its activation, the Pokemon luring ability can bestow benefits on any and all nearby players. One trick for this particular item is to find a group of Pokestops that are close together and place Lures on all of them so you create a ring of Pokestops that are all attracting Pokemon. You will know if a Lure is active by a pink shower around the Pokestop. You can get Lures from a random level up reward or from the Pokemon Shop with Pokecoins.

Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs are an EXP boosting item that doubles any experience gained for a 30 minute period. This can make the grind to boost up levels a lot less tedious. For example, a basic Pokemon catch will result in 200 XP as opposed to 100 and an evolution will net you 1000 XP. If you are lucky enough to evolve a Pokemon into a Pokemon you didn’t have yet you will gain a massive 2000 XP assuming you have the Lucky Egg activated. A great tip for making the most out of Lucky Eggs is to combine it with a Lure. Activate the Lure and then follow it with the Lucky Egg as the Pokemon being attracted to the Pokestop will grant you additional experience and you have an almost guaranteed source of them. On top of this, save any Pokemon evolutions you may have for the time you have a Lucky Egg equipped in order to get massive experience boosts that may get you to the next level providing you with rarer Pokemon becoming active in the world.

Potions and Super Potions

These items provide health to your Pokemon when they have been injured in a Gym battle, either at one of your teams controlled gyms or a rival teams. Potions provide 20 HP back to your Pokemon while Super Potions provide 50 HP.

Revives and Max Revives

These are similar in function to Potions but they function to bring a Pokemon who has fainted back to the realm of the awake. Revives restore a Pokemon from fainting up to half their health while Max Revives restore a Pokemon to full health. Max Revives are available after level 20.

Assorted Pokeballs

The standard item for any Pokemon Go trainer and indeed any Pokemon trainer regardless of the platform you play on. They are what are required to catch Pokemon so if you do not have any then you will be left high and dry. These can be acquired at Pokestops so make sure to make regular visits to your local Pokestops in order to stock up. The normal red and white Pokeballs have the most basic capture ability and will work on lower CP Pokemon but at higher CP’s they will just not cut it and you will waste a lot of Pokeballs attempting to catch those. At level 12, Great Balls will start dropping for you from levelling and from Pokestops and then Ultra Balls begin to drop at level 20. These progressively give you a better chance at capturing those stronger Pokemon and enable you to make sure you do not miss out. Also after level 20, you will gain access to Master Balls at some point. Assuming you can manage to hit the Pokemon with it, you will be guaranteed the capture so make sure to save it for a legendary Pokemon rather than a basic, common one.

Pokemon Locations

Of course the main appeal about Pokemon Go are the Pokemon themselves and since this application is based off of movement, you will need to explore the environments around you. For example, Water type Pokemon can be found near rivers, lakes and oceans. Normal types are found around urban areas and electric types can sometimes be found near places of high electricity such as power stations (be careful around those). In order to catch them all, you will need to be ready to go out and search so have fun trainers.

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