Even more Pokemon released for Sun and Moon!

Pokemon has come out and released six additional catchable Pokemon  for players to look forward to this November.

Wimpod – Bug/Water


This trilobite looking Pokemon is a bug and water type that holds the ability known as Wimp Out. This ability enables this Pokemon to flee once its health drops below 50% which would be reminiscent of Abra in the early games. In order to catch this Pokemon, you are most likely going to need an ability that prevents its escape or to get its health just above 50% and try your luck there.

Mudsdale – Ground


Mudsdale contains design elements from the Clydesdale Horse with earth based elements. It can hold two abilities, the first being Own Tempo which prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused even if it is self inflicted confusion. Its second ability is Stamina which raises this Pokemon’s defence if it is hit by an attack. This can potentially be very valuable.

Bounsweet – Grass


Bounsweet is a berry looking grass type that holds the abilities Leaf Guard and Oblivious. Oblivious prevents this Pokemon from being infatuated essentially meaning it will not fall in love with an opposing Pokemon when hit with a move such as Captivate. Leaf Guard prevents this Pokemon from being afflicted with any status conditions such as sleep, paralysis, poison and burns while in sunny weather.

Comfey – Fairy


This new member of the Fairy typing also holds two abilities with the first being Flower Veil. This move prevents any grass type allies from having their stats lowered by an opponent. Moves that allied Pokemon utilise can still lower the stats of your Pokemon. The second ability is a new one known as Triage which provides any healing based moves that Comfey uses, with the highest priority meaning that most times it will be activated before any other move on the battlefield.

Bewear – Normal/Fighting


This adorable bear like Pokemon (loving the pun) also holds two different abilities with the first being a new one known as Fluffy. This ability is kind of a double edged sword as any moves that make physical contact with this Pokemon will be reduced to half damage while any Fire type moves used against this Pokemon will do double damage, so Bewear of Fire types. The second move is Klutz which prevents this Pokemon from utilising any held items. This does not effect prize money giving items though so go nuts with the Amulet Coins.

Mimikyu – Ghost/Fairy

mimikyu main

This new Ghost/Fairy type would have to be my new favourite Pokemon that has been revealed. This Pokemon never removes the cloth that covers its body, preferring instead to look like a clumsily drawn Pikachu. Its ability is Disguise which is a one time per battle ability which allows Mimikyu to take no damage when hit by an attack. Also after an attack is successful against this Pokemon its shape will change similar to Zoroark.



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