Pre-Order Bonuses for Destiny : Rise of Iron

Destiny’s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron will feature not only new weapons, armour and enemies but brand new pre-order bonuses that revolve around one of the games most notorious weapons – The Gjallarhorn. This exotic Rocket Launcher has made its way into video game infamy and is a must have for any Destiny player. Being left behind after Year 1, it is being brought back into Year 3 but it is slightly different now.

Iron Gjallarhorn Warlock

Yes that is right, any and all who pre-order Rise of Iron will get their very own Iron Gjallarhorn where instead of the traditional gold and white colouration, it will be chromed out in silver and black. It will still have the exact same functionality and power with a new look. It has been stated that this Rocket Launcher, whose lore tells us that it was forged after the Battle of Twilight Gap from the armour of fallen Guardians will be available at the end of a quest chain where players will get to forge their own Gjallarhorn. The only difference will be that pre-ordering the expansion will net you the Iron Gjallarhorn instead.

However this is not the only pre-order bonus that is coming to this new expansion. We all know Sparrows are a major means of transport within the game being hoverbikes we can summon and zoom around on, and it seems one Sparrow in particular is getting a particularly impressive upgrade.


Meet the Gjallarwing which combines the practicality and efficiency of the Sparrow with the beauty of the Gjallarhorn. It will be intriguing to see if it can fire the Rockets with Wolfpack rounds but I doubt it. This awesome Sparrow will be available for any and all who pre-order from select retailers. These have not been released yet but it is expected that they will be released soon.

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